love is life 3

“Finally I get to meet Doris.” I heard a familiar female voice say. I knew it was Adel. I turned to look at her and froze. I thought I was looking in a mirror. She looked just like me. She was startled too but masked it well. Dean laughed and said he had been waiting for this day for so long. I shook her hand and managed to smile. Besides our skin colour and bust size Adel and I looked too alike. She even wore glasses like me. Dean was about to pull a chair for me when I signalled to him not to. I lied about something I needed to do for my boss at the office. “You work this late?” A slim guy sitting next to Dean asked. I shrugged. I said a quick goodbye to everyone and left.

As I walked out a number of things run through my mind. All the times when Dean’s friends thought I was his girlfriend now made sense. I stood in front of the restaurant waiting for an empty cab and saw a familiar face walking towards the entrance. Henry said a quick hello when he saw me. I nodded without even smiling and turned away. I wasn’t interested in his unfriendly things at this time. My mind drifted back to my ‘twin’ immediately. Who knows maybe that was why Dean liked having me around. I shook my head. He was an idiot for not telling me. After 10 minutes of waiting in vain I realised every car that came to the restaurant was a private car. I probably had to walk to the main road to get a taxi. I reluctantly started walking. It was a pretty long walk.

I tried not to think too much about the issue. After less than 5 minutes of walking on the rough road I insulted myself for wearing heels to work. Just as I contemplated walking barefoot a car pulled up next to me. It was Henry. “I could drop you off at the junction if you like.” He offered. I hopped into the car without wasting time. “My feet are killing me.” I said unconsciously. Henry shook his head and drove off silently. His car was so comfortable, I got a little upset we were nearing the junction. Just then Henry’s phone rang and he answered it. “What? How did that happen? I told Maria to wait. Just wait for me. I will be in the office soon. Call Ofori to see if he has another number for them.” He said. He didn’t look amused at all. “Are you going back to your office?” I asked with my fingers crossed. “Yea I need to get some issue sorted out.” He replied. I tried to hide my smile. “Can I get a ride there? I don’t live far from your office.” I requested shyly. Henry just looked at me and when we passed the junction I guessed that was just his rude way of saying yes.

“You are not much of a talker are you?” I asked, adjusting my seat to feel more comfortable and noticed Henry staring at me. “Ei so the free loader isn’t allowed to feel comfortable? ” I said and he gave a faint smile. I giggled. “I should have dropped you off at the junction.” He teased. I laughed and hit him playfully. “I’m a damsel in distress.” I added. He seemed to be warming up to me. “No, you are a damsel who decided to wear uncomfortable shoes.” He added. We both giggled and before we knew it had arrived.

Henry dropped me off just in front of his office and I took a taxi home. Honestly I could have walked but my shoes wouldn’t have let me. When I got home I saw a text from Dean. “How did it feel meeting your twin?” it read. I rolled my eyes. “Dean, I’ll get you on Monday.” I said to myself. The best thing about the day was Henry. I was glad he was finally warming up to me. I could smell hope in the air.

When I got to work on Monday I went straight to Dean’s desk. He hadn’t arrived yet so I sat in his chair and waited. I turned on his computer to play a game. Just before I started playing I saw an instant message from Adel. “Hey hun, are you at work already?” it read. I was just about to type a reply when another message came that made me freeze. “Is Dores around? I’m not playing about what I told you about her. Don’t even think about it. ” It read. Just then I heard Dean’s voice. I turned the computer off instantly and left his desk.

To be continued on Monday

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