The Legend of the Flowing Waters

The third royal family of the Rwandan royal lineage before colonization saw the king going to war and leaving the queen’s bed lonely and without action. She then has to seek pleasure from a guard named Kamagere.

The guard in the queen’s quarters found himself not living up to expectation, trembling and missing the vaginal orifice as any person in his situation would but unknown to him he was rubbing all the right places and not long the queen’s waters gushed out. This sacred water was a symbol that changes sexual orientation thus ushering in the era of equitable and egalitarian sex. This was later known as Kunyaza after the rivers of sacred water that have flowed from the most sacred part of women from Rwanda and even Burundi.

Source: Trevor cole/unsplashed

Confronting the Orgasm Gap

 A Kunyaza centered documentary was released by Olivier Jourdian in 2016 and this got the world talking. This practice is popular in Rwanda made the story interesting because of the fact that the country features consistently in the world’s top five gender equality where women lead and get orgasms during sexual intercourse. This made wave in the 21st century because there exist gender gap in work places and also a gap in orgasm among women in the bedrooms. Men in the country seem to get everything from high positions in public offices to orgasm in private rooms. In Rwanda, addressing the orgasm gap is a tradition and through Kunyaza, the world can study more about female pleasure and beauty.

How Do You Do It?

There are two distinct ways of doing Kunyaza according to Dr Nsekuye Bizimana. The first involves a simple practice where the man following a rhythm strikes the glans of the female genital mainly the clitoris with the glans of his erect penis. This continues and may involve conventional penile-vaginal penetration by the man before holding his penis and moving it from side to side or round and round to stimulate the vagina from inside. It is clearly a very technical exercise that some people will simply fail to satisfactorily perform. However, in the olden days, failure attracted traditional censure. Thus, according to Felix “If a man couldn’t do it, the families would get together and discuss the matter. They would take back the girl and give you back the cow you bought as a dowry, because you are a weak man.”


The ability to make a woman ejaculate together with female pleasure formed the basis for traditional masculinity. The Kunyaza is about the assertion of masculinity although it can also account for progressive gender equality in bedrooms. The practice seems female pleasure as a situation to be cherished rather than be scared of it and thus not expressing it. It is special because it involves a counter-intuitive conception of sexuality and also, the female sexuality is not dangerous and unsavory but a beautiful thing worth celebrating and exploring. Therefore, Kunyaza can be a part of the solution to the orgasm gap which the world should pay attention to because female pleasures and desires are not vulgar.

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