Love and life 5

That weekend I stayed indoors. I wanted to have some me time. I would admit that I missed having a boyfriend to share things with but because Dean was always available I never felt it until Adel came. My phone rung and I couldn’t believe who it was. It was Henry. I stared at the phone and contemplated answering it. I shook my heard and decided that if he called the second time I would answer. I watched the phone quietly to see if it would ring again but it didn’t. Instead there was a knock at my door that startled me. I walked to it and saw Gilly standing there with a rubber bag.

“I hope this isn’t a bad time.” He said with a smile. I shook my head and stared waiting to hear his agenda. He handed me the rubber bag which contained a bunch of goodies. Gilly said they were from Henry. He was a bit busy at the office so he asked him to bring it over as a thank you gesture for the other day. I was surprised. To be honest I had a deep feeling Adel was behind this. I asked Gilly why they were working on a Sunday and he said he had to work on something with Henry urgently. He said a workaholic joke and we both laughed. Before Gilly rushed off he turned to me and said “This is the first

time I’ve seen Henry buy something for someone.” I smiled and laughed to my head. I dumped my sympathy gifts in a corner and walked to my room.

After lots of convincing during the week Dean managed to get me to go to Adel’s birthday party. I really didn’t want to go but I realised I had to get over Henry and maybe this was my chance to have some fun and meet some new guys. I went shopping the day before so my outfit was spanking new. Just so I wouldn’t look lonely I went with my coworker, Sedem. She felt so under dressed when she saw me. We got to the party just in time for the fun parts.

“Isn’t that the Henry guy Dean is setting you up with?” Sedem asked. I turned around and saw him. He was in a black long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. Black really suited him. I turned around immediately he turned our way and Sedem laughed. I think her laughter attracted him because he walked to us. “Hi.” Henry said. Sedem conveniently excused herself to get another drink. He was looking a bit pale. Probably from over working. He looked straight at me. “Hi.” He said and I nodded. He went ahead and complimented me. I smiled briefly and excused myself.

I saw Sedem eating a slice of cake. It looked so good. I asked her where she got it and she pointed to the kitchen. “I got lost and saw a huge tray of cake so I picked one.” She said. I scolded her for not getting a piece for me as well and made my way to the place she was pointing to. Adel’s house was so big. I saw an opened door and walked into it. Unfortunately it wasn’t the kitchen. It was a little office.

Just before I turned around to leave something caught my eye. On the desk there were a bunch of old pictures of what looked like Henry and Adel. Some had their parents in them. I smiled when I went through them. Henry looked very happy and normal. Time had really changed him. I heard a sound and instinctively turned to look at who it was. I saw Adel and her father. He handed a big brown envelope over to her. “That’s the expenditure list for the new branch.” He said. What kind of father brings work to his daughter’s birthday party? That’s right, Henry’s Father.

I hid behind some bookshelves where I could hear more. “Dad this could have waited till Monday.” Adel said shaking her head. “You need to learn to give the company importance. When you take over the company next year you will have to make sacrifices. ” Her father said. My jaw dropped. It was true Lestor Brock was old but Adel? “Is Henry here?” Lestor asked and his daughter nodded. “He still won’t talk to you?” She asked. He turned away. “Dad, I’m sure he will come around. You need to understand how he feels.” She added. Her father nodded and walked away. Adel walked into the office and my heart missed a beat. I sat very still behind the bookshelves. She dropped the envelope on the table and walked out.

All of a sudden my anger towards Henry evaporated. I didn’t like what I heard. Henry was hard working and had acquired many certificates and awards. Why was Adel who just graduated with no experience at all going to head the company? I went around the party grounds looking for Henry. It made sense for him to keep to himself, I mean his own family were not treating him fairly.

I went to the front of the house where all the cars were parked and just like magic I saw him leaving. I run up to him and hugged him. “I’m sorry about earlier.” we both said at the same time. We laughed and each explained what we were sorry for. Maybe he didn’t like me like that but I guess being his friend at a time like this was pretty much what he needed. Henry and I sat on the stairs in front of the house. “Aren’t you scared of kwashey boys?” I teased. He laughed and said he was covered because I had a

‘gun’. I smiled. “I know why. I know why you are cold sometimes.” I said. He turned to look at me. His eyes were wide open. “Don’t ask me how but I heard your dad and your sister talking.” I added. He looked very surprised. I looked down. I wasn’t happy about how I found out. “What I don’t understand is why?” I said turning to look at him.


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