Top 9 what to do after NYSC

It is the dawn of a new phase: NYSC is over, next level awaits you. How is it like in the job market, the labour market awaits, among millions graduated, who will be fetched, whom will it favour? Who will lead us face to face to the advanced world beckoning on us? Yes, many people gets scared as their passing out time approaches. Hearts begins to fly, restlessness comes, and disturbing questions like will I be retained? where can I continue from here? Do I have anything I have learnt to update my CV? Will I deliver if I found another job? Yes, many corps members are in the same shoes.


Outlined below are a number of things ex coprers can venture into and get going, but the truth is that you must start planning yourself earlier You have to start things earlier and do it better; because if you start earlier, you will have enough time to finish up.  Below are what one can get involved in:

Acquire a skill

Acquire a skill, those who are tech inclines, get an IT skill. Information technology(IT) takes the lead in the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, which our contemporary society is into presently. The areas of software development, Computer networking, Cyber security, Artificial intelligence, data analysis and so many more. There is hardly people with this skill in need of a job especially in Nigeria. For software development, one can pick up any programming language: Java, python, C# and many others and get use to them. It will go a long way to better your life. One good thing in IT is that, one’s background does not matter, just start and I assure you in three months, you will not believe the level you are. I must warn you, it might be tough in-between but if you are consistent, you will laugh last.

There are also a number of things to learn outside IT filed. The Fashion industry is also another big area. You can pick up a niche in the fashion including makeup, tailoring, beads and crafts and so much more. Pick up a course online and better yourself; many are free, it will pay in due time.

Get a job

Corp members may be retained in their PPA after service but others may not be. In some cases, it is the corps members that refuses to be retained may be because of the nature of the job or they have better option. Whichever case it is, you now have responsibilities. Others will depend on you, family especially; you need a job to meet all these needs. Work smart, go for the experience and your worth in the job market will be higher than expected in little time.

Start a business

Many people will quickly tell you there is no money. The root of every emerging business is planning not necessarily money. We place precedence on money and miss the major concern. You have a plan first. The truth is that confusion sets in if you suddenly get te money without a proper plan. One may end up wasting a good chunk of the money on frivolities. This may have been part of the reason many startups in Nigeria never withstands the test of time. There are many business areas yet unexplored in Nigeria, find a niche that interest you and get going.

Go for further studies

Scholarship for further studies abounds especially for academic inclined individuals who may not have the capacity to sponsor their further studies abroad or locally. If you want to be in the academic line, it is important you enroll for further studies and boast your skill and experience. Some postgraduate scholarship programmes available annually may include Federal Government, NLNG, PTDF, many petroleum companies, private scholarships, International organizations scholarship like MasterCard foundation and many more at your disposal. Keep your eyes down ad look out for information, apply to as many as you can. Immediately after NYSC is the best time to go for higher degree certification.


In many occasions it is usually who you i.e. you need to have a referrer. This does not just apply in Nigeria but also across the world. Getting a skill/knowledge in a particular thing is very good and in fact, the main thing to do but you need to network. It is usually easier to get engaged when you have the skill and yet know relevant people in the field you are skilled in.

Get married

Yes, this is true, though may sound funny. It is good to get married especially for the female folks. Starting a family on time saves one a lot of time and hustle. Get fixed in a family is good for most folks to avoid running in the wild.

Create a professional profile

People must know you, it is a time to come out of your shell if you have not. In fact you have to announce what you can do and what you have done – very important. This will go a long way to get you to where you want.

Be a computer literate

Our contemporary society is an era of Information communication technology. It is of utmost importance to be a computer literate. As a graduate, even if the opportunity to be a computer literate was not there during you stay in the university, the time is now. The world do not want to know your reasons, what they want to here is that you are up to speed. Get yourself acquainted with the laptop and know at least basic Microsoft packages.

Live healthy

Do not be frustrated, do not allow yourself to be psychologically down. After NYSC is really a trying time, but you must hold on. Be fit and eat healthy, live just started.

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