Is this what it takes to join the Nigerian Airforce?

Nigeria have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. From human right abuses, invading a sitting court to arrest a person on bail by the court and disobeying court orders and detaining person already cleared by courts. It’s not a time to add salt to already open wound. But that appears to be exactly what a few officers in the Nigerian airforce, is alleged to have done on this new video trending on the internet. The woman in the video is alleged to be a new recruit or a new officer into the Nigerian airforce. The content of this unverified Amateur video showed how inhuman the senior officers were to her. They dehumanised and brutally humiliated the young lady officer.

They were heard making mockery of her having a fiancée and telling her that her fiancé will leave her! It is just not acceptable for a person to be treated in this manner let alone a woman. We hope that the Nigerian government and the authorities responsible should not sweep this under the carpets as most things have been in the last 4 years. These individuals should be made to pay and they should be used as examples to deter other officers from do such to anyone.

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