Southwest is the reason Nigeria has failed to progress!

Who is to be blamed for lack of progress in Nigeria? Whose responsible for the backwardness that has clouded the country?

Since the end of the civil war in Nigeria, the north has continued to dominate and run the affairs of Nigeria, despite being the less educated and less entrepreneurial and enterprising group in the Nigeria project. How is it then, that the less educated, less exposed and less civilised group in the context of Nigerian architecture have held power for this long and willed so much resources and power to themselves for close to 45 years.

How could they have achieved such, considering that the south is the most educated, most travelled and most civilised of all. Furthermore, even the vast resources that the country survives on is mostly in the southern part of the country! Bear in mind, that Nigeria is structured in such a way that no one tribe can govern without getting the support from one of the major three ethnic groups!

Namely, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba’s. How then you may ask, that one ethnic group have held power for over 45 years? Well, this is where we got the title for this topic. Southwest, the reason Nigeria has failed to progress!


The southwest is believed to have betrayed the Igbo’s during the civil war of 1967, that theory can be contested, depending on which side of the divide you find yourself. Typically, Nigerians are not known for admitting their wrongs talk less apologising for the sake of peace and harmony. Since then end of that bitterly forth civil war, the two tribes don’t have trust for themselves since then. The Igbo people lost every trust for the southwest (Yoruba’s) and since then, the southeast dominated by the Igbo’s and the southwest, have been at mercy of the north which apparently, is a more united group.

When the war ended, the Igbo’s regardless of how much money they had in the Nigerian bank, were only given £20 they were denied access to all the money they had before the civil war in the Nigerian banks. The Igbo’s alleged amongst other things thats the master mind of the barricading of food from coming into Biafra from other country was Obafemi Awolowo as he was finance minister during this time. Also, his alignment to the north was obvious and unquestionable. The Igbo tribe today in Nigeria have no political presence as yet. But they have bounced back and surpassed every other ethnic group in the country, considering that they lost everything they had before the war.

Therefore, the fear that the Igbo’s may avenge at any given opportunity, after losing the war, to what they alleged to be a Yoruba betrayal and British intervention. The Yoruba’s on their part, have continued to form alliance with the north to see that the south easterners (Igbo’s ) are not giving the opportunity to return to power, which arguably, is a natural position to hold when you have done a person or a people wrong. It is therefore important to get a clear picture of the many reasons Nigeria is the way it is today.

The southwest politicians, continued to spur their people in the southwest to support the northern candidates and in return of their support, they get secondary positions in government,federel investments and federal presence in their region! Watch the video below, then continue!

The same will be the case if the Igbo’s were to form alliance with the Hausas and vice versa. This is the reason 90% of the oil wells in the southeast, has been allocated to northerners. Until the Igbo’s and the Yoruba’s align and make amends and forgive the Yoruba’s for the alleged betrayal and the confidence of trust is restored, the Fulani led north, would continue to dominate the Nigerian state and southerners would continue to live at the Marcy of the them. Take for example the current administration of President Mohammadu Buhari, where virtually all the positions that matters in government are held be Hausa Fulani and Muslims. You wonder why Fulani herdsmen can tot Ak47 and kill as they wish, and the president and his administration remained mute not even a rebuke, talk less of taking a stand against the invading Fulani herdsmen. Instead of describing the situation as it is. They chose to say “herders and farmers clash” instead of herdsmen barbarically killing people in their own farm lands and driving them away from their ancestral lands to make way for them to come in and settle.

But when armless Nigerians make viable demands carrying play cards flags and singing, the police and army are sent out to kill them in their numbers. Finally, the sufferings in Nigeria as a result of electing incompetent individuals into public offices does not discriminate between the Igbo’s and the Yoruba’s. They all buy rice the same price, drink the same dirty water and suffer the same typhoid fever and lack of electricity!

The Yoruba’s gain is that one of them is the Vice President who has no power and is irrelevant in the scheme of things. And the Igbo people are starved of federal presence and federal projects to stifle development in southeast and keep them underdeveloped with no federal capacity to challenge the northern dominated government.

The northerners beleive that, the Igbo’s, as the only threat and rivalry to their alleged objective of dominating the rest of the country. The rest lack the capacity and the will, to challenge the status quo. The north in a bid to curtail the strength of the Igbo’s have carved out a part of the south east and re-named them the south south. This is using the divide and rule strategy which was also used by the British during the colonial era and that have worked quit well to their advantage! Some people of the said areas now perceive their Igbo speaking neighbours as their enemies. Not minding that they have lived together for centuries before Nigeria was created in peace and harmony!! The Igbo’s are republicans in their nature and they are masters of trade and highly progressive. This means that they thrive in anything they choose to do regardless of location and this frightens other Nigerians as the first video explained. Ahmudu Bello was deeply concerned that the Igbo’s always comes out top even in labour camps !!

What is happening in Nigeria today is simply a battle for dominance and ethnic supremacy. The Hausa Fulani are against restructuring for the simple reason that if the country is restructured they will loose out. They are not as resourceful as the rest of the south and their survival and continued domination can only thrive under the current unitary system of governance where they reward their supporters with political appointments and federal infrastructures! ie, seaports and Airports!!. Summarily, nothing lasts forever and one day Nigeria must be restructured so that each nation can progress at their own pace instead of being held back by people that are not ready to join the rest of the world!

On our next article, we will look at the impact of divide and rule strategy in the south east of Nigeria!

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