Linda Ikeji, you are very wrong !!

Trying to justify a wrong, wont make it right! 

“I’ve never known love like this. I literally have tears in my eyes every time I look at him. I can’t believe he came out of me. He is by far my greatest blessing and I’m looking forward to navigating him through life!” Honestly Linda!!?, it would have been better, in the context of your article to have started by being appologetic to those who according you, are under your mentorship. and you have dropped the morality with which they had looked up to you as their mentor in that sence.

The point that he (The innocent baby) is your greatest joy is both good and bad at same time. It is good because,children are meant to bring joy to their parents, and they are ment to enjoy the love of both parents. IT is bad because you have put that child in a difficult situation for the rest of his life. It is also selfish, because according to you, looking at him gives you joy and makes you happy. On the other hand,you must acknowledge that it was due to your uncontrolled sexual Apetithe that the innocent child was concieved. However, you have failed to recognise that you owe this innocent soul, the responsibility of according him the priviledge of experiencing the irriplicable love of his father.No matter the situation,no one can replace the love and bond of a son to his biological father! I hope your un-induced explanations, were not intended to sensitise those following you, of your intention to deny this child the opportunity of having a father and son relationship from ealy days of his life.Unfortunately he and I are a completely closed chapter. Sadly for our son Jayce, it’s the kind of chapter that can’t ever be opened again”.


By reading these epistle, it is very easy to conclude that you just wanted a child period, and selfish enough not to care about the emotional wellbeing of the child. What i mean by that is this: Mind you, that you can only be a mother to the innocent soul, but who is going to be his father and love him like a father?

You may be pointing at your parents,or the next man as you already hinted your followers, let me disapoint your conclussions to say that you had it all planned out before time, but its very selfish on your path!. But just as your joy is blosoming, on the other hand, his pain of not having his father right there as his brain continue to develop is heeping up! This is whilst his presence in your life is making you happy and giving you gooze bombs!

What am i trying to say, the idea of bringing a child to the world for your own hapiness is the most rediculus thing that any one can do. Lets leave that for a minute and look into you and the said role model as you acclaimed to be, for young girls who look up to you as a role model. with all the evidences that is out there, my suggestion is that you sit back and enjoy your wealth and allow those with clean records do the role model thing for the young and aspiring ladies.

Linda Ikeji is also a home wrecker! On the woman who “stole” my junior cousin’s then fiance Dan Foster formerly of Cool FM a month before their wedding. Deola Olunloyo ended the relationship with Dan Foster and my dad and other family members had to cancel a lot of expensive wedding expenditure. After Deola moved on, she continued her work as an internationally recognized Journalist expertise in HIV education. Linda went ahead and dated Dan and was later dumped. She spoke about how miserable she was to the Punch newspapers. You cannot be happy when you wreck someone else’s home.“(Credit: nairaland)

I chosen to get into this, for the simple reason that, miss Ikeji, talks about being a role model to the young girls in the Nigerian society. And my answer to that is, hell no, she should not be and rightly so. what is she going to expect them to look forward to, how to buy house in banana island or to get pregnant and buy bentley?

“I’ve always been open about my life but I’m sharing details about my personal life mostly because of the girls who look up to me. The girls I have mentored, mentoring right now and plan to mentor in the future.”

Please, Linda, sometimes we have ambitions in life but it’s better to give up once our lives no longer reflect such. I think you may do well if you teach them how to make money your way but please stay away from the moral espects of the girls lives, because it would not be right for you to be teaching them morals if you know what I mean!.This is not in anyway telling you how to live your life, but hey! there is consequences that we may have to deal with which may be as long as life is! 

“I’m very particular about our young girls and I have personally tried over the years to be an example in some way; tried to teach these girls how to fight for their dreams, how to live right and do right and then I go and have a child out of wedlock and that must be a little confusing to some of them and especially with so many untruthful stuff out there about me”.

The most hilarious is that I had a child for a married man. Lol. Here’s my answer to that! The married man that I will sleep with has not yet been born. If he’s been born, he will die, be buried, rise and die again before he will lay with me. I don’t do married men. The father of my child is a single man and his name is Sholaye Jeremi. To be honest, at some point I thought he was my final bus stop but you know how life happens…lol. Unfortunately he and I are a completely closed chapter. Sadly for our son Jayce, it’s the kind of chapter that can’t ever be opened again.

After droping your moral standards, the easiest option is to try to justify your actions and that is exactly what Linda Ikeji tries to do! African parents may appriciate your success but teaching their children moral standarad has to be done by one that have not broken the golden rule, again you know what i mean.

Summarily. should Linda Ikeji continue with her role model idea for the single and unmarried young girls in the country, the answer is categorically in the negative. Her doing so,will send a wrong signal to the young girls that its ok to be having children out of wedlock, or that been successful in monitory terms is a ground to erode those fundamental values of our culture, which separates us from animals’ period. However, this is not in any way a condemnation for people that choose to be baby mamas. This is strictly saying that once you have lost the standard, then you are automatically disqualified from being a role model in that context

Just give up on that, find something else, because the likes of KEMI OLUNLOYO will come after you, if you give them what to talk about!

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