Love and life 8

I could tell he had been keeping what he was about to say for a long time. His hesitation was intense. “If you aren’t comfortable talking about it you can always tell me another time.” I said to break the silence. He turned his back to me. “I think we should stop seeing each other.” He finally said. I couldn’t say I was expecting this. “What, why?!” I screamed. I talking over to face him. He avoided eye contact. ” When Obeng showed me the test results it seemed my condition isn’t as good as it was when I just got back from Denmark. I have been a selfish person. I should not have asked you out. I’m not going to waste your time anymore.” He said. I wasn’t sure how to wrap my head around what he was saying. I asked him to explain himself and he finally looked into my eyes and said, “Doris I’m going to die. You deserve to be with someone who actually has a future.” I don’t know why but I slapped him. “I don’t know if the medication they gave you at the hospital is making you talk like this. The Henry I know doesn’t give up!” I said and walked out of his apartment.

I didn’t hear from Henry the next day. He wouldn’t answer my calls either. I was a bit angry with him in the morning but when I calmed down I decided to call him and got nothing. Dean told me he was avoiding everyone. I decided to allow him to have some space. After two days he sent me a text that read, “you are right. Giving up is a dull move. I just don’t want to see you get hurt. You are too nice for someone like me. I’m going to Denmark again. ” My heart went warm and my eyes watered. This was a bit too much for me. I grabbed my bag and took a taxi to Henry’s apartment. When I got there I saw Adel’s car parked outside. I walked to the door and noticed it was open. My heart missed a beat when I saw Adel in the living room looking around. “Have you seen Henry?” She asked me. I shook my head and she went into his bedroom. “Goodness his travel bag is gone.” She said. I breathed a sigh of relief. I showed Adel his text. She relaxed a bit herself.

That night I tried calling Henry several times but couldn’t get through to him. It seemed he wasn’t using the Danish number he used the other time. A text at 3am from him finally put me to sleep. When Henry’s father called me the next morning I was really prepared for his plan. I told him I got the note and would love to do it. He informed me about the arrangements he had made and asked when I would be ready to leave. Honestly I couldn’t wait to go. I wasn’t looking forward to the weather in Denmark but Henry was worth it. When I told Dean everything he said he was jealous. I rolled my eyes. If only he knew how it felt like to fall for Henry Brock. “Really? You wish you were dating an Orgosis patient in Denmark?” I asked sarcastically. His goofy smile faded. My highest concern was how Henry would take it. I hadn’t told him I was coming and I didn’t intend to. Since he left the texts and calls had reduced. He was really trying to distance himself but I wouldn’t let him. Not in a time like this!

In our chats I found out the hotel Henry was in so finding him when I arrived wasn’t hard at all. I booked a nights stay in that same hotel. After the valet got me settled I waited till he had left then I rushed to Henry’s room. It was just one floor below mine. I knocked on his door and waited patiently. “Hold on.” He said and opened the door.

The look on his face was priceless. He was completely surprised. “Doris?! My goodness”. When he took a stop forward and hugged me I could feel his appreciation. “If this is a hallucination from my medication I don’t want it to wear out.” He said still holding me. “When I said I will help you through this, I meant it Henry.” I said. He stared straight at me and smiled. “I would love that. I’ve never felt more alive in my life Doris.” He said and kissed me. The truth was very clear, Henry had a 50/50 chance of surviving or even less but my feelings for him never reduced. I guess I loved him. He dragged me into his room and we spent the whole evening talking like old times. He didn’t even ask how I got there. It was like, he couldn’t be bothered.

The next morning when I woke up I saw Henry at his desk reading through some files. I walked over to him and hugged him from behind. He smiled and showed me what he was doing. “I’m trying to see if there is some kind of pattern in the Dr. Olsen’s test patients.” He said. I realised this was something I could help with. I was pretty good at finding patterns and problem, it was something we did at work all the time. “Do you have information about all his test patients?” I asked. Henry gave me a file. I looked through and saw nothing. The exact dose was given to each of them. I couldn’t establish a difference in the ones the drug failed on but I didn’t give up. The whole week we went through everything until I noticed something missing late in the evening one night. “We are looking at everything from a medical, chemical point of view. What if that’s not it?” I said. I stood up and looked at all the files spread out on the floor. Henry stared at me. I rearranged the papers of each patient and found the link. “Henry, I think I found something. This has to be it!” I exclaimed.

The next morning we run my theory by Dr. Olsen and he said it was something he hadn’t considered but worth testing anyway. That afternoon we waited at his office for the test results. If I was right this would be golden. We held hands as we sat in the cold office. “Have you told your dad about my theory?” I asked but before I could get an answer the door flung open and Doctor Olsen walked through. He was a slim old man with very pale white skin. It didn’t look like he went out much. His smile said it all. He gave us a sheet of paper. “You are right. The key was in the climate. The patients who died were all living in an countries with higher temperatures. I have no idea why I never thought of this. Good job!” He said. I couldn’t believe it. “This calls for celebration!” Henry said and we all cheered.

Henry and I decided to go dancing to celebrate. There was a very nice salsa pub not far from our hotel. The old Henry was back! He was funny, witty, a bit arrogant and completely attractive. As we danced I knew I had made a good decision. This was the man for me and now he wasn’t leaving me anytime soon. “You saved my life Doris.” Henry whispered into my ears. “No, your fighting spirit saved your life.” I replied also whispering. “Can you do me one favour?” He asked with a serious tone. I nodded and asked what is was. “When we get married and have kids can we have just boys?” He asked. “Huh? Why?” I asked, excited at the word married but confused anyway. “Well I don’t want to see another person who looks like Adel.” He joked and we both laughed.

The End.

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