What are the benefits of being a Nigerian?

What do you mean when you say you are a Nigerian! Let’s be realistic, is being a Nigerian ends by just identifying that you are from that geographical location and after that, nothing else or is there more to it. what exactly do you benefit for being a Nigerian, i bet is a question that most people that identify themselves as Nigerians may have not bothered to ask!

What do I mean by that, in simple terms, the Nigerian state, since its creation have not been driven to nationhood by those who have by omission or commission found themselves at the driving seat of power in that country. Nearly 200 million people is estimated to be Nigerians but in reality, what you have in Nigeria is a bunch of ethnic nationalities fighting for ethnic supremacy!

What really gives a person sense of belonging as a citizen of a state. To put it in simple terms, it’s the ability of the state to provide, protect and care for its citizens. It is also the ability of the state to proviside of infrastructures and enabling environment for its citizens to thrive and achieve their individual dreams.

Examples are: Education, healthcare,electricity clean water and security of lives and properties! So far the Nigerian state has failed in all of the above. 

In Nigeria, most people in that country are their own government, they provide the following for themselves; Education,healthcare,electricity,water,security. what then is the role of government you may wonder. what gives a citizen a sense of belonging as citizen to any country is the ability of that country to provide basic amenities and to provide security. since all these are laggin in the Nigerian state, what then are the people still holding unto. 

Nigeria is not the only country in Africa in this category of countries that have failed to make sense to its citizens in Africa. A lot of African counytries have failed their citizens too. However, Nigeria appear to have failed on another level, considering its potentials population wealth deposite in the country. it has failed to produce educated and enlightened leadership. its one country that has continued to have the less educated as the president and the more educated as the vice and that is an indication of the failures that the country contued to experience. Nevertheless, its the responsibilty if the citizens of Nigeria to recognise this and make the required change during elections but as the saying goes in Nigeria, “GOD WILL HELP US” will never help Nigeria or indeed any other African country if its citizens chooses not to do the right thing for their life and the future of their children. so much educated people but none in leadership its the fault of the electorate.

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