Love and life 9

I sent Marie a text to tell her I wouldnt be coming home that night. I planned to sleepover at my best friends place. A few seconds later, she sent me a reply. I smiled when I read it. I looked at the clock above me and noticed it was almost 7 oclock. The boyfriend was late, as usual. I wasnt going to call and ask why this time. He always had a perfect excuse. He was a Marketing Executive, what do you expect? Fiona Im leaving oh. Remember to lock up oh.Adom, my co-worker said. He waved at me and I nodded. I was a bit preoccupied with the clothes I was checking out online.

It was my best friends birthday so we decided to have a double date. I got a message and checked it immediately. No, it wasnt my boyfriend; it was Samia, my best friend. She wanted to know why we werent at the restaurant yet. I quickly replied telling her Steve, was late. Then she called me. Ah Fi, come without him eh? We have been waiting for almost an hour. Your office isnt too far. Hop into a cab and come. Steve can join us later.She said. I could tell she wasnt very happy. She didnt like Steve very much anyway. I giggled and agreed. I was getting bored myself. I picked up my bag and left the office. 

On my way downstairs I called Steve to let him know about the change of plans but his line was busy. When I got downstairs I decided to text him. Then almost immediately I opened the main exit, I saw Steve standing in front of his car, talking to a lady. She was sitting in the front seat. It looked almost like an argument. I closed the door so I wouldnt be seen and saw him stop a taxi. He opened the door for her and she walked into the taxi without saying a word. He tried to hold her hand but she swerved. My heart was racing and it jumped when my phone rang. It was him. I fumbled with the phone and finally answered it. Hey sweets, sorry Im late eh? Im about a minute to your place so you can come downstairs now.All I could say was ok.I leaned on the wall and tried to make myself think positive. I finally put myself together and stepped out. I opened the car door and sat down. I hope Samia doesnt kill me oh.he joked and drove off.

When we got to the restaurant, Samia and Nii where already eating. Oh, so you wont even wait for us?I said to them. They both smiled but I could tell hers wasnt very genuine. Im sorry we are late. Samia, happy birthday.Steve said and gave her the present he bought. She managed a more natural smile this time and took the bag. Sit down. I thought you wouldnt even make it. I invited my cousin and her husband as substitutes.She finally said. Oh, we are not that bad oh.I said too. I signaled to talk to her alone and she instantly got it. We will be back, ok?She said and we walked to the ladies room. 

What is it this time?She asked when we were inside. I think Steve is cheating.I said bluntly. Ok? What makes you say that? Is it because he was late, because he is almost always late isnt he?Samia asked. I shook my head. I saw some lady in his car. He got a cab for her to leave just in front of my office. I saw him when I came downstairs.I explained. Did he see you? What did he say?She asked further. No, I was hiding.I replied. She put her hand on her forehead and said, Ahhba Fiona, you let her go? So right now what proof do you have? If he says she is his employee who wanted a ride what can you say?She was right. I should have reacted. I wasnt thinking. I was shocked! Why would Steve cheat on me?Tears were beginning to form in my eyes. Samia came closer to me. Hey wait. We are not sure he was cheating, ok? Talk to him and see what he says. I use the response trick on Nii. If I suspect something, I wait till we are having a cool conversation then I ask about it. If he fumbles I see there is something he isnt telling me.She advised. Oh that wont work on Steve, he never fumbles.I said, worried. Dont think about this too much ok? Chill. Now lets go and eat some food.Samia said, dragging me to the sink to wash my hands. 

We walked back to the table where the guys were. Steve had already ordered food for us. I think we should do something more interesting. How about we go bowling?Nii suggested while we ate. Everybody but me agreed. Sadly, majority carried the vote. Samia rushed us as Steve and I ate. I almost choked. She kept reminding us that she had to go to work the next day, like we didnt! In no time at all we were out of the restaurant and going bowling. Thats the thing about dating men who spent most of their life outside the country. What is this bowling business at all? Nii was fond of that. He was so unpredictable. In the car with Steve, I wanted to ask him about the girl but I didnt know how. I decided to use Samias trick but before I could ask the question we had gotten to our destination. This was pretty annoying.

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