UK no longer a member of European Union,out of the EU to go solo!

The United Kingdom in 2016 decided to take back their destiny.

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After over four decades of joining the European Union, the UK voted to leave the union sighting immigration from and free movement as a big issue. UK was institutions were struggling to cope with numbers of Eu citizens coming into the country and using state services which led to a huge outcry mostly by the English that they no longer enjoy the benefits of their country because of the number of EU citizens that were coming in and was automatically entitled to benefits like; Housing, healthcare and unemployment benefits. This state benefits which was not available to other immigrants from Africa.

How it works for EU / Africans Living in UK! For the Africans for instance, you would have live, work and pay taxes for 5 years before you may be considered eligible to permanent residence in the United Kingdom. Any consideration of being qualified for any type of benefits would be in your sixth year of legally living and making tax contributions. During this years period you would have spent around £7000 pound or more just to renew your visa make contributions to the National health service regardless of whether you use it or not!

Whilst on the contrary, if you were coming in from any of the European Union countries, you would only pay about £60 or less for the same visa that Africans pay over £2000 pound to process every two and a half years. While Africans are not entitled to any benefits until after 6 years and spent over £7000, the European passport holder that paid only £60 pound is authentically entitled to housing, healthcare and unemployment benefits! Digesting that someone else pays so little for what is costing you a fortune just because of which country they come from is a bitter pill to swallow.

But the is the reality of life. Upon the fact that they pay so little, they are entitled to benefits that you are not and the law states that when a job is available, the UK citizens and EU citizens would have to be considered first before an African. If you choose an African over a UK/EU citizens for a job, the company would have to explain in writing, why that was the case.

Upon renewal of your visa, you are also required to take an English language test to prove that you can speak English language which may cost you up £250 every time you need to renew your visa because each test lasts only for a year, meaning that your English test certificate expires before you are due to renew your visa and so you need to retake another test to get a new valid English test certificate which is a must have for your application.

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  1. The UK left the EU at 23:00 GMT
  2. Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the “dawn of a new era” in a video message
  3. Brexiteers celebrated at a rally in a packed Parliament Square, London
  4. Earlier, supporters of the EU held a procession through Whitehall to “bid a fond farewell” to the union
  5. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urged the country not to “turn inwards” after it leaves the bloc
  6. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says Brexit day is a “pivotal moment” for Scotland and the UK

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