Love and life 12

We both got exhausted in no time. What do you have to drink except water?I asked panting. Mawuli was breathless too. He pulled my hand up and led me to the kitchen. It was so beautiful. He didnt have expensive appliances but the choice of colour and simplicity was awesome. There was a dining table set with just 4 cute chairs. He opened the fridge and I saw the drinks available. I pointed to a bottle of coke. He pulled it out and brought two glasses. I saw a bottle of Whisky on one of the shelves. Do you have ice?I asked, sitting on one of the dining chairs. He nodded and brought some out. I pointed to the Whisky and he looked at me funny. Really?He asked. I know I didnt drink back then but now I do, occasionally.I lied. Mawuli nodded and brought the bottle down. I made my mixture but he drunk just coke. I took my first sip and the after effect was hot! I tried not to frown but unfortunately I did. Mawuli giggled. You are doing it wrong.He teased. Oh shut up.I said and poured some more. This time with more coke. This time I took a sip first and it tasted way better.

I poured some more and tossed in some ice. Im so thirsty.I said, drinking it down slowly. Mawuli was just staring. I noticed and turned to look at him. Oh, arent you drinking some?I asked surprised. Nope, its more fun to watch you.He said and smiled. I giggled and noticed my glass had only ice in it. I reached for the whisky bottle and Mawuli held my hand. Let me get it for you. Havent you had enough?He said opening it. I rolled my eyes. Oh please. I dont feel anything.I said and put more ice into the glass as he poured some whisky and coke in. Stop looking at me like that. Dont you drink? Hmm?I asked. Mawuli didnt say a word. He stood up and led me back to the hall. Unfortunately Im gonna be the one to drive you home so I cant.He said and we both sat down.

I stood up and the room got a bit blurry. I shook a bit but pretended to have tripped on something. The drink was definitely beginning to take action. I wanted to look at the pictures on the wall. I leaned against a chair for balance. Is this your wife and son?I asked. Mawuli smiled and nodded. Aww they are so cute. You know I should have stayed with you, like we would be happily married by nowI said. What?! That was supposed to stay in my head. I had had enough. I put the drink down and Mawuli giggled. Whats funny?I asked turning around very sharply and almost falling on the chair. Whoa easy, easy.He said and held me arm. I think you need to sit down now.He added, leading me to the chair. No, lets not sit. Lets just stand here.I whined putting my arms around his neck. Mawuli froze for a second and quietly looked at me as we drew closer to each other.

I leaned over for a kiss then my phone vibrated in my pocket. It scared me so I jumped forward and my head hit Mawulis nose. He moved back and held it in pain. Sorry, so sorry. I didnt know my phone was in my pocket.I said, looking to see if he was ok. After a few seconds of silence we both started laughing.

Luckily for us Mawulis nose was not bleeding. Honestly I wasnt of much help either thanks to Mr. Whisky! Mawuli I think I should leave now. I could get a taxi outside right?I said trying to find my bag. He stopped massaging his nose and answered. Oh, I cant let you go like this. I will take you home. Whenever you are ready, let me know.I smiled. He was being super nice to me. I felt I was putting him in a rather uncomfortable position and for some reason I felt like kissing him. I dont know whether it was because I wanted to get Steves cheating off my mind or I actually had feelings for Mawuli. Hey maybe it was Mr. Whisky. Either way the sooner I got out of his house the better.

I stood up to leave. Wait, can I use your bathroom?I asked. I seriously needed to. Mawuli gave me directions and I went straight away. Second door on your left.I recited to myself. My vision wasnt the clearest but I could walk straight. What was I thinking, trying to kiss a married man?I said to myself when I finally found the bathroom. I did a lot of thinking on the seat…dont we all? I had to go home and sleep tonight off. We would tackle everything else the next day. I washed my face to see if that would help sharpen my vision and it actually did, well just a little.

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