Love and life 13

Mawuli Im so sorry about your nose.I apologized on our way out. He giggled and said it was nothing. He added that he loved my company. It feels like a dream come true seeing you again.He said getting into the car. I was flattered. Wow, that was so nice. I looked at my phone and noticed it was 01:45. That was late. I didnt even notice how fast time was flying. I sat in the car and closed my door. Now we were both ready but the car wouldnt start. Mawuli tried a number of times but the car would not start. Oh come on. Wait here, lemme check something.He said and opened the bonnet.

I kind of felt bad. I have no idea why but I just did. Mawuli let me just take a cab home.I said, getting out of the car. Oh no its late and you are still kind of tipsy.He said, examining the car. Tipsy, ha!I said and stood by the road to wait for a cab. Im serious, you are not taking a cab. I will be done with this in no time.He said. He held me and dragged me back to the car. Ah yes!He said after fidgeting with the car for a few minutes. Ill be right back.He said dashing into the house. Hey wait for me. Its too dark here.I said and run after him. I just need some water.He said when we got in. He rushed to the kitchen for a bottle of water and rushed back outside. I sat down on the chair and waited for him. 

I took out my phone and saw 22 missed calls. They were all from Steve. I called him back. What is your problem? Stop calling my phone! Go kiss your new girl some more ok?I said. I heard him say Im sorry and that she wasnt his girl as expected. Then I hang up. I felt angry. He was calling again. I didnt think and answered the phone again. Steve you just want me to forget about your kiss and we can live happily ever after?I asked. He paused for a while. Im sorry, I was stupid but I love you. You know that, dont you? Its really not what you think.He said. Steve you know what? Maybe this is how you want our relationship to be like. Maybe we should all just be cheating on each other. If you want that Im game! Tonight is mine, tomorrow will be ours.I said and hung up the phone. I turned the phone off before he could call back.

Yo, Magic Mawuli just fixed the car. So we are good to go.Mawuli said, rushing into the room all excited. I turned around, walked to him and kissed him. He was clearly surprised. He didnt see this coming but he kissed back. It felt so good. Then he slowly pulled me away. This is wrong? We cant do this.He said. I held his chin. Mawuli, we have already done it.I said. He leaned forward and kissed me. This time with his hands around me.

Fiona I really missed you.He said as we kissed. He reached for the zipper of my dress. Then I pushed him away. Mawuli, my goodness, what are we doing? You are right we should stop.I said and turned around. I had to turn around, Mawuli was really cute. One more glance and we are done for! He hugged me from behind and gosh he felt so warm. Hey, you have a wife and a son. You have a happy family. I should go.I said and picked up my phone. Mawuli smiled and sat down. His mood had changed. Im sorry if I complicated things for you.I said, still looking away. No Fiona, its not you. I guess I have not told you the whole truth. I sat down beside him. What are you talking about?I asked. My wife and son, are a bit complicated.He added. What was this guy talking about at all?

I told Mawuli to talk to me. He had turned moody all of a sudden. Having you around has really livened me. This may sound very wrong and I apologise but its true. My wife wants a divorce. We havent had sex in a year. I thought bringing them to Ghana would change her mind but she even hated it here. She sent me the divorce papers last week. Im just a mess.He explained. Why would she want to do that? You should stay together for your son at least.I said. He looked even worse after my words. He is not my son. She had him a year before we met. His father was jailed. She says she wants them to start a proper family.He replied. So she prefers an ex-con to you? She is clearly making a big mistake.I said aggressively. Mawuli tried to smile. Ive been thinking about what to do and worrying but tonight has been different. Thanks Fiona. I shouldnt have kissed you, Im sorry.He finally said. I smiled. If this was a trick to get some action is wasnt bad at all. I was so tempted. I put my hand on his shoulder and he hugged me. Everything will be ok.I said to him.

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