Southeast politicians, stealing state funds!!


They are in part helping the under development agenda of the northern dominated central government of the country working!

Unfortunately, the breed of politicians, in the southeastern part of the country in over two decades, have been visionless, selfish, thieves and most of all wicked to their own people! Knowing that there are plan by the northern dominated central government in the country to keep the entire southeast under developed. The best they ( political class ) can do, is to unit, form alliance and invest in infrastructure developments that will give the region an opportunity to compete and keep the it at par with the southwest.

But rather, they are busy looting public funds in the tune of hundreds of billions of their states funds. With no infrastructure development. They are not taking the central government to task that will shame them and bring to light their concerted efforts to marginalise the region and keep it irrelevant and not able to compete. One would have thought that these politicians in the east would be through Igbo’s to show the rest of the country that they have the capacity to lead Nigeria by setting examples by lifting their fellow citizens (Ndi Igbo) showing what they can do in unison. But instead the same central government that has denied the region of federal presence and investment is calling them out as thieves and showcasing them as the major reasons for the underdevelopment of the the region!



Orji uzo kalu, Alleged loot (N112 Billion)

Oji uzo Kalu is already serving 12 years jail term for stealing public funds, the highest jail term to be dished out to any politician since the end of the civil war! Now Theodore orji and his sons have been alleged to have stolen in the region of N551 billion from the Abia state during his terms as governor of the state. With orji Uzo Kalu shamed and more coming, the southeast may end up not having people that challenge other regions for the presidency, not that i think the southeast should make Nigerian Presidency their priority as yet. I am of the view that what is important for the region is infrastructure development and not Nigerian presidency. Presidency under the current constitution will amount to nothing for Igbo presidency! To archive such under the current arrangement, (Constitution) you have to be baptised by the north and that will mean the presidency would not be beneficial to the region and in the current Nigerian arrangement, any presidency from the region that would not benefit the region after more than 57 years as an outsider, is not worthy of the people (Igbo’s).


Theodor orji and son alleged loot  (N551 Billion)

To solve the ongoing problems of neglect of the region by the central government of the country since the end of the civil war. The best for the Igbo’s, especially the political class in to concentrate on lifting the region out of infrastructure deficits at par with with Lagos. In other words there has to be a long term vision of infrastructure development which is to be continued by successive governments regardless of which party comes to power in the region. And voters education is vital to achieving this. Voting the right people into political offices is the key to moving the region forward and making it attractive to the outside world and investors. At the moment, the east is the least attractive place for business investment to foreigners amongst other major ethnic representation! For the southeast to compete it needs a holistic approach to solving the deficiencies it has suffered since 50 years after the civil war!

To get this done, all the stake holders must pull their weight towards the set objective and in 20years southeast would be the place of choice if Nigeria still remains intact! My Submissions are as follows: The 5 states must see themselves as victims of the same disease and work together to getting a cure, the people must elect only the right people into government offices and not focusing on the stipends they are giving to buy their conscience for votes. Any politician that offers money is never qualified for the office hence he pays you to vote for him. So take the money if you are hungry but still vote for the right person according to your conscience! The southeast must see themselves as one and work together at all times and those who are seen as sabotaging these efforts must be punished.


Who amongst these men is going to be next on the list of looters?

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