Corona Virus is Caused By Corruption- Magu

The  Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission by name Ibrahim Magu believes strongly that the ranging killer, virus Corona Virus is being caused by Corruption. He said this on Tuesday at the ceremony marking the passing out parade of the 281 cadets of the EFCC Detective Inspector Course at the Nigerian Defense Academy, Kaduna. According to him, corruption is the biggest strategy before human kind. It is worse than all the disease the world have encountered and the disease that are now running about. He went further to say that the Corona Virus is caused by Corruption.


The Corona Virus officially named COVID-19 was first noticed in Wuhan in Hubei Province of China in December 2019. Counting down, the disease has affected over 1716 medical workers in China and over 73,000 infected persons in over 20 countries leading to not less than 1,875 deaths with majority of the deaths happening in Wuhan. The main cause of the virus has not been determined neither has a cure for it been found but symptoms of the virus are known. It is still not clear yet how contagious the disease is and how it spreads. It seem to be spreading from one person to another who are in close contact. It may also spread through respiratory droplets released when victims of the disease cough or sneezes. Evidently, it is not known if a person can catch the disease by touching a surface that an infected person touched and then putting their hand inside their mouth.

The nature of the symptoms of the disease can range from very mild to severe and even the death of the victim. With an understanding of the growth of the disease, it have been observed that older people are mainly the ones with severe illness and may have had other medical conditions needing attention. People who are older or who have other existing medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, may be at higher risk of becoming seriously ill with the new corona virus. 

Corruption Deeply Rooted in the Country

According to the Chairman, the fight against corruption should be seen as a crusade against the evils in the society that are deeply rooted and if nothing is done, is threatening to consume us. Therefore, the path to follow in order to fight corruption even though every thorny and lonely will be achievable with determination and a high sense of mission and so far, progress have being made in ensuring that this evil is being rooted out of our society.


To achieve this, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission has created new specialized directorate and sections with the charge of fighting corruption, taking note of the changing phase in criminality. These directorates include:

  • Asset forfeiture and recovery management Directorate
  • Forensic and Science Laboratory Directorate
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Countering the financing of Terrorism Section.

The Commission recorded in 2019 over 1218 successful convictions as against 195 and 103 convictions in 2016 and 2015 respectively.

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