Love and life 14

I felt bad for Mawuli. I was going through some relationship problems but his were massive. He wanted his wife back after she had served him with divorse papers and the boy wasnt even his son! And in all this passion I saw in his eyes, he kissed me. I guessed it was only a physical urge for him because he hadnt been intimate for such a long time. So if she came back and said she loved you, what would you do?I asked. All of a sudden his face lit up. I will give it a shot. I will be such a good husband and father, she wouldnt remember the other man.He said and I laughed. This was so cool, how he felt about her. It kind of made me wonder. Mawuli was a bit more cheerful now. Enough about me, I will just pray she comes back. Shall we?He said getting up. He grabbed the car keys and marched to the door. I hopped like a rabbit and followed him. Then the doorbell rang. We both looked at the time. It was after 2am. Mawuli held me back and looked through the peephole. He turned to look at me and opened the door for the person to come in. It was Steve. 

My goodness, Steve, what are you doing here?I asked, almost dropping my phone. He looked at Mawuli and noticed he was holding his car keys. Were you leaving?He asked. Mawuli nodded. Im sorry for coming to your apartment this late but I had to tell Fiona something. Fi, I was stupid. I will tell you everything, anything. The girl you saw was my close friend Ive known for a while. I have even told you about her before, Leslie. I used to tell her everything because she is a lesbian and really understood me. She hangs out with Kwakye and I sometimes and even brings her girlfriend along. Remember the football game that I told you there were two girls in the bathroom for almost an hour? Thats her. We were almost best friends at a point even. She has never kissed a guy before and tonight she just randomly tried it on me. I know I shouldnt have but I was foolish and I didnt stop her. Please forgive me. I dont want to lose you. I dont even know what I was thinking.He said looking directly at me. I did remember a lesbien friend he said he had but wondered how true all of this was.

I was filled with so much emotion, mixed emotions. This was a lot of information. Now both guys were looking at me. What do you want me to say?I asked, almost in tears. Nothing, you dont have to say anything. I just want us to stay together and please dont do anything like I did because I feel really bad. I literally followed you here. The security guy delayed me but I eventually gave him something and he let me in.Steve added. My head was pounding, my fists were clenched but my heart was warm. I couldnt believe Steve drove all the way here just for me. It felt like a romantic movie. I closed my eyes and opened them again. I guess I understood how silly things could be done in a moment. I had literally done the same thing with Mawuli. I need to talk to Leslie or whatever her name is to verify your story.I said. Steve smiled super broadly and nodded like a bobble-head. I gave Mawuli a long hug. Thank you.I said but he shook his head and said, No, thank you.I was surprised. Why, what did I do?I asked. You gave me hope again.He replied and I smiled.

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