De-Redicalization of boko haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists, a political move to siphon more money to the north!

Is this the Nigeria that you all wants to live in?

Recently, we learnt that the Nigerian National Assembly’s is in the process of introducing a bill, to rehabilitate and de-radicalize terrorists in the country. The said bill which has already passed first reading in the upper legislative arm of government, is aimed at establishing a ministry that will over see the process of the de-radicalisation processes of the BOKO HARAM AND FULANI HERDSMEN TERRORISTS in the country.

The above mentioned terrorist organisations are still active in their terrorist acts all over the country. No day passes without killing of Nigerians and displacing of more communities and taking over their lands. It’s BOKO HARAM in the north, whilst FULANI HERDSMEN TERRORISTS have brought the killings to the southern part of the country. From Ebonyi state to Enugu, Anambra, Imo and Abia state in the southeast.

Fulani herdsmen siezes federal highway!

The Nigerain military or any other law enforcements agencies will not be dispached to battle the said terrorists. but if citizens stage a protest army and police will be sent out in their numbers to kill citizens. But as reported from the video above, its obvious that there is killings going on and the travelars are stranded without help from the military nor the police. In the southwest, all the six states have also recorded killings by the same FULANI HERDSMEN TERRORISTS. Recently,Lagos’s state sighted intelligent report that BOKO HARAM TERRORISTS have infiltrated the state as their reason to cancel the use of OKADA and TRICYCLES for transportation purposes in the state. The southwest, for the same insecurity reasons also lunched a security outfit name AMOTEKUN for their regional security, to help protect life’s and prosperity of their people!

In most northern states Boko haram have decimated lives and properties. Many Communities have deliberately vacated their homes and farm lands for safety and many displaced communities are now living in IDP camps as designated areas of some northern states. These are peace loving communities having to leave all they have because of the same BOKO HARAM AND FULANI HERDSMEN TERRORISTS!



In the face of all these the Nigerian army appear to have been defeated by these terrorists. The police also appear to have been overwhelmed and incapacitated. When the chief security officers of states (GOVERNORS) raises security alarms to the state police commands, the police state commands will in turn require order from Abuja before they can respond a security treats in Enugu or any other state as the case may be. Most times there are no responses at all and some occasions the response comes after the terrorists have executed their objectives then the state police commands would swing into action to prevent reprisal attack’s from the communities that have been killed. Asking them not to take laws into their hands!!

These has been the faith of Nigeria with the ever increasing insecurity in the country. Remember that a former army general, by the name T Y DANJUMA have once accused the Nigerian military of colluding with the terrorists, their by confirming that the security architecture have been compromised and infiltrated and compromised. An allegation that have been substantiated with many other evidences. In other instances the terrorists information of planned operations by the military and in other cases the law enforcement are only deployed after killings have been carried out and never before. All these are indications that their is a foul play within the security architecture as it currently appears in the country.

Again, it most be mentioned that the entire security architecture of the country are from the same ethnic extraction as those FULANI HERDSMEN TERRORISTS organisation and the BOKO HARAM TERRORISTS. One may assume that giving others for their fellow Hausa Fulani people to be killed is one decision that the security chiefs are not willing to do. So the call to sack them and constitute one that reflects the multiple ethnic groups in the country is a call in the right direction. Let’s now go back to the bill passed by the National Assembly on the rehabilitation of these terrorists groups. There is no evidence to support that rehabilitation for terrorists works. And again why is the rehabilitation of terrorists more important than those they have displaced. Why not establish a ministry for the resettlement of those in the IDP camps back to their communities first of all. What about establishing a ministry for the reconstruction of homes and livelihood of the affected communities in the country. What about a ministry for the compensation for those that lost their loved ones and other family members and their children. What about a ministry to look after the children that lost their parents to BOKO HARAM TERRORISTS AND FULANI HERDSMEN TERRORISTS too. Those will not be as lucrative as the rehabilitation processes of the terrorists. Rehabilitation of the communities affected will require evidence of expenditures but the rehabilitation of terrorists will not!

Why contemplate rehabilitation of terrorists in an ongoing war for which you are not even winning or fighting effectively! In the United Kingdom, the last three terrorists attacks where carried out by pardoned terrorists convicts, which lead the Law makers to hurry a bill to hult any form of release for those convicted of terrorists offences! In the USA, (GWANTANAMO BAY) is still in existence many years after the war on terror and no one has been released back into US states. Those that were released to other countries went back to join the terrorists groups. So the bill in the upper house in the legislature is just another channel for the northern controlled government to seed more oil money to their region period.

Remember that the president of Nigeria had stated during his visit to the United States that these terrorists were not Nigerians! Are they now intending to establish a ministry funded by oil money and tax payers money to the rehabilitation of none Nigerians, will the victims who are Nigerians are still languishing in IDP CAMPS. This northern legislators must confirm to the rest of Nigerians where their allegiance is, with the terrorists or Nigerian citizens!

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