Nigerians are Living in denial!


Most Nigerians were very vocal during the PDP administration led by GEJ. Fast forward to 2019, they have all gone mute and living in fear of the current administration. The evidence on ground suggest that the executive arm of government is using the state security service (SSS) to go after any voice with an opposing views and any one that dares to criticise that actions of the current government in Nigeria. It could be said even though the situation in Nigeria is worse than it has ever been since independence. The citizens are living in denial, for fear of being arrested by the current autocratic government of general mohammadu Buhari. There appears to be a conscious strategic effort,of making sure that a certain ethnic group and Religion becomes dominant over the rest! And to get this done, the powers that be, are using the federal might to forestall the agenda

To choose illitracy over education is what some Nigerians did in 2015 and they are paying for their sins today!

The unanswered questions?

And a pattern that is consistent since the emergence of this government, the body language and inactions, when a northerner or a group from the Fulani extract makes inflammatory statements. As long as they are in support the domination agenda, the current government turns blind eye to such, But when a less inflammatory statements are made by southerners the government will go after such person with full night of the Nigerian state.

Example of this, is the Herdsmen killings in Benue state and uzo uwani In Enugu state south eastern Nigeria. Most Nigerians saw that famous video of the Enugu state governor crying after seeing the carnage, destruction of life’s and property in that community. The governor the asked his people to fast and against Fulani’s who are intruders into the country Nigeria. And the federal government that has the exclusive mandate for the security of the country ignored the calls to stop the killings after having received heads up from the governor and chief security officer of the state.

But soon after the Fulani herdsmen have finished the killings and left then the police and the army were then sent into the area to stop reprisal attacks against the Fulani herdsmen which is why most people believe that the security agencies are colluding with these bandits to murder Nigerians in preparation of the Islamisation Agenda under Bihari. This position have also been echoed by a high ranking retired army general T Y DANJUMA.

He first raised the alarm to alert his people of his observations. It is difficult to get some in the southwest of the country to reason with the rest of the southerners about the one sidedness of the Buhari’s government just because their major political leader allied with Buhari for some political positions which was not available to him in the previous administration. However, the killing of the daughter of the afenifere chieftain along ORE express road by alleged Fulani herdsmen brought the threat home to the south west and some had to rethink their stands and begin to revaluate their position.

How can a country like Nigeria be governed the way it currently is. The Fulani’s a minority ethnic group that came in through the north in the 18 century want to dominate the rest of the country in government. Currently they hold virtually all the powerful offices in the country. The presidency, chief of staff, the police, the army, the customs, the immigration, the state security service (DSS) the NYSC, Bear in mind that the south is more educated than the north, yet not even one southerner is deemed to be qualified to hold any of these positions. And Nigerians are going about their everyday life as if it does not matter. What this means is that the faith of the rest of the country is decided by the view and value of the Fulani people!

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Fulani people of Western Africa  

The thought of that alone should frighten the hell out of any right thinking Nigerian! How did Nigeria get to this stage where people can no longer see the handwriting on the wall to say no we can not allow this to happen Because the rest of your lives are in danger. Some have argued that with the current security architecture being Hausa Fulani alone that is why the herdsmen are rampaging communities across the country with such impunity because their brothers would not send the for them to be killed. They tot AK47 with ease whilst the president passed a law for everyone else in the country to submit their arms to the police by withdrawing their licenses to own a gun. So there will be no weapons in circulation to fight back against the herdsmen terrorists around the country!

The Fulani herdsmen have continued to terrorise southerners and the middle belt devastating communities killing other Nigerians and taking over their lands and the said federal government of Nigeria under general Buhari has turned blind eye to this. The federal government have been called at many occasions to come to the aid of Nigerians to this effect, but all the lamentations appear to have falling on deaf ears. But the same federal government acts when it is said that herdsmen have lost their cow to cattle rustling or have been killed by the communities that they invaded and destroyed farmers crops and vegetations.

The mainstream media in Nigeria describes the obvious Invasion of farmers livelihood and the destruction of their farms, as the famous “ farmers and herders conflict” a term that was used by the government to describe the barbaric killings perpetrated by Fulani herders on innocent farmers in their own communities. instead of the media asking questions that reflects the situation on ground they all queued behind the government and adopted the narrative of the government for fear of the government hammer coming down on them.

Whilst some are more like the spokes station for the government. Channels tv have been noted to cut off any conversation that is directly critical of the Presidents for commercial break to make sure that the president is not criticised on their channel and it’s no longer a hidden matter.

What the current administration have done has set Nigeria on the wrong part. If any other tribe does that then Nigeria will go to anarchy. It’s a very bad Precedent. What this means is that the Yorubas can come into power and select only Yorubas to hold all the important and powerful offices and run the country in their own terms!

The major problem is that the country is so divided along ethnic lines in such a way that when an Igbo man is arrested unlawfully for standing up against tyranny and humiliated by the Fulani lead government the Yorubas are rejoicing the same is done by the Igbo’s when it’s a Yoruba persons turn to be humiliated.

Is this the indivisible one Nigeria that some people are projecting? One Nigeria that only the Fulani’s governs over the rest of Nigeria and any one that stands in the opposition to critic them is arrested, humiliated and incarcerated for speaking out against injustice and impunity. How is it possible that 180 million people in this country are not able to speak up against what is happening for fear of being harassed, arrested or beaten up for standing up for what is right.

The only free people in Nigeria as of today, are the Fulani’s, the herdsmen and their cows, the rest are at the mercy of the police the army and other law enforcement agencies and paramilitary agencies. Some ethnic groups more than the others. In the south eastern part of the country as we gathered, if you are an Igbo man you are more likely to be stopped harassed and extorted. In some cases, If you fail to comply by handing over your money to them, which in some cases might mean even transferring money from your bank account to theirs, failing to do so might result to you being shot to death. And under this government thousands of Igbo lives, and other ethnic lives as well, have been wasted by the army or police. With no questions asked or are there consequences killings. Even the police and the army on the streets will threaten to kill you and nothing will happen and in some cases they execute the threat and nothing happens.

How can you have a country that citizens are afraid to die in the hands of law enforcement agencies. The only people we don’t here of being killed by law enforcement agencies are the herdsmen terrorists and Fulani minorities whom are according to historical facts settlers in the country! My submission is that Nigerians in the south have to come together to decide which direction they need to go. It might be difficult to bring the southwest on board for obvious reasons. But it’s worth giving it a go, the southwest as it stands are dominantly Muslims, their strong politicians are mostly Muslims too. Furthermore, under these government they are comfortably feeding on the crumbs of the federal coffers and they appeared to be very comfortable with that. That makes it more difficult for the south to challenge the north when one of the two major ethnic groups have allied to the north at the expense of the south.

My guess is that, the north are enjoying the unitary system because they are the list likely to survive economically on their own upon restructuring because they are the less education amongst the rest and in the terms of human capital value, Their human capital contribution will be far less than the south because the numbers they have are not

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