The Uganda Police and the Arrest of Former General Henry Tumukunde

The police in Uganda have arrested Former General Henry Tumukunde who is planning to run for presidency in the coming election. He was arrested on suspected treason as he was accused of seeking support from a neighboring country with reference to Rwanda to remove the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni.

Henry Tumukunde

According to a statement made by the police on Friday, Henry Tumukunde who is an ex-security Minister and a former Ally to the president is accused of enlisting the support of a neighboring country to support in the take down of the present administration. He was arrested on Thursday evening around 7pm by a joint security task team which was lead by the Directorate of Criminal investigations for Alleged Treason.

The build up to his arrest followed his utterances in the series of interviews he had both on radio and television. His views on those interviews seek to bring about hatred that might lead to community violence. In addition to this, he also called on the support of a neighboring country to support him in removing the current administration with or without the ballot.

Therefore, he was charged under sections 23(2)b and 23(3)b of the Penal Code Act which dealt with instigating persons trying to invade the Republic of Uganda and inciting any persons to make a mutinous assembly.

Bases on facts, this is not the first time he is being arrested. While under service as the UPDF representative in Parliament in the year 2005, he was forced out of Parliament, arrested and was charged with the offences of abuse of office and the spread of harmful propaganda. This was as a result of an interview he granted to CVS radio and Radio One where he told the President to retire.

Before his arrest, the  60 year old Former General on Thursday evening took to Twitter and tweeted that his offices and residence was under siege and that he was been put under arrest under presumed treason charges.  He also said while on TV that if he was Rwanda that he would wish to support people who want to cause change in Uganda. For over a year now, relationship between Uganda and Rwanda have been strained and this is partly due to accusations that they provide support to their dissidents.

More so, the country is preparing to hold a presidential election come next year and Museveni the current president who has been in power since 1986 has already been given the go ahead support by the ruling National Resistance Movement to stand for re-election.

The President who is 75 years old have been strongly accused both by government critics and rights campaigners of using means like intimidation by security forces to maintain his stake on power. Among his opponents in the coming election is Bob Wine, a Pop Star and Member of Parliament. His large support base mainly among the youth in Uganda has lead to the growing worry in the governing party and this have lead to security crackdown on the supporters of Bob Wine with his rallies frequently disrupted by security agents using tear gas, beating and even arrest.


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