Uganda Government and the Jail of a Filmmaker doing a Documentary on Opposition Hopeful


A court in Uganda has sent an independent filmmaker to jail after he was accused of making subversive songs during the production of a documentary about a Pop Star seeking to unseat the long serving president. According to the Attorney, the culprit name is Moses Bwayo and the sentence took placed on Wednesday. Government critics while making their reactions called the situation a clampdown on independent media and the opposition parties ahead of the election next year.

The filmmaker was first taken under custody on Feb. 24 as he filmed a documentary about Bobi Wine who is a Pop Star, member of the Uganda Parliament and an opponent to President Yoweri Museveni (who have ruled the country for three decades) in the forthcoming election. He was freed after several days with the instruction to report back to the station on Wednesday. He obeyed the order and that lead to him being taken to court, charged and remanded with his bail appeal also being denied.

Together with eight other people, Bwayo was accused of assembling unlawfully outside a police barracks in Kampala, the Capital of Uganda and singing songs promoting subversion of the government. All of them are remanded in detention and are due to return to court for bail application on Friday.

Bob Wine the pop star came out a strong Challenger to the president and through his music has criticize the government to the amusement of supporters. Surprised by his good connections with the youth, the government through its security agencies has made use of security forces to crack down on supporters and this they do through arrest and use of tear gas and beating.

It can be recalled that in 2018, security agents beat Bob Wine and some other opposition lawmakers after they attended a political rally, which resulted to him going abroad for treatment.

The government have denied targeting politicians, opposition parties or the media saying that whoever disrupt or tries to disrupt the peace and unity of the country must be brought to book.


Various civil right groups and organizations together with members of the media have condemned the arrest of Moses Bwayo and demand his immediate release.

In recent times, there have being heavy crack down on public figures, journalists and activists who express their consent on political dissents under President Yoweri Museveni regime. Apart from Bwayo jail, other jail includes that of activist Stella Nyanzi who was recently released from jail after spending more than a year in prison on charges of cyber harassment of the president following a poem she wrote on Facebook.

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