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The Major who hoisted Uganda’s Flag on Independence dies at 89

Major (Rtd) Kanuti Akorimo, who lowered the Union jack and raised the Uganda National flag on their Independence day, October 9, 1962  from Britain dies from pneumonia occasioned by a stroke on April, 23. He died at Atutur Hospital in Kumi District at the age of 89. Report from the family doctor, Dr. Isaac Omare shows that Major Kanuti had

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Effect of Corona Virus Lock down in Lagos Nigeria

The effect of the present covid-19 pandemic which is currently ravaging the world has had serious effect on people of the world including Lagos state. The virus which originated from Wuhan China is yet to be gotten hold off as medical practitioners around the world are currently on intense research on the cure of the virus. However, to reduce the

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Abia State finally confirms first two COVID-19 cases in Nigeria

Following the ongoing cases of the ravaging coronavirus which has precipitated a lot of panic among the people and the World in general, here in Nigeria, the first case of the pandemic was reported in Lagos State on February 27, 2020 when an Italian citizen tested positive. Lagos state is one of the biggest and popular cities in Africa and

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Nigeria’s Chief of Staff Mallam Abba Kyari’s dies of Corona Virus

The deceased, Abba Kyari was born on September 1952 in Bornu State, Nigeria. Following his educational background and qualifications, he was appointed Chief of Staff to the president, General Muhammadu Buhari. He was seen as one of the dominant figures in the presidential cabinet overseeing crucial meetings as well as granting audiences. His actual age has been a matter of

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Uganda Faced with Food Shortage As the Fight Against Corona virus and Locust Attack Persist

Every farmer in Uganda are all getting ready for new attack of desert locusts after the recent swarms entry from neighboring country Kenya last week, destroying crops and leading to hunger. This is coming in the period where the government is doing everything possible to contain the corona virus pandemic. East African countries are fighting locusts outbreak known to be

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German National in Ugandan Police Blacklist for Sexual Abuse

Mr. Glaser, A German citizen in Uganda who is aged 70 was the culprit in a police hunt was caught and is now facing trial before a local court on 28 count charges consisting of aggravated defilement together with child trafficking. The German has an organization known as Ssese Humanitarian Services and has been running this organization for over ten

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Uganda hardest challenge: Racing to save an endangered Generation

 Uganda has for years taken on the burden of conflict in neighboring countries allowing into the country, 1.2 million refugees, 800,000 South Sudanese and many arrivals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and this number have been on the increase due to ongoing fight.  With this large increasing population, an enormous strain is being placed on limited resources provided for

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Ugandans and the New Online Laws

The new regulations that demands social media influencers and bloggers to register their platforms for state monitoring has created fears and outrage that the government is trying to silence critical voices ahead of the elections in 2021. Earlier this year, the Uganda’s Communication Commission directed all online data communication service providers with online publisher inclusive, owners of online news platforms,

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