German National in Ugandan Police Blacklist for Sexual Abuse

Mr. Glaser, A German citizen in Uganda who is aged 70 was the culprit in a police hunt was caught and is now facing trial before a local court on 28 count charges consisting of aggravated defilement together with child trafficking. The German has an organization known as Ssese Humanitarian Services and has been running this organization for over ten years in his home in Kalanga under the disguise of providing shelter to children who survived sexual violence and trafficking. According to reports, he is believed to have up to 30 girls between three and twenty years and has been arrested twice on sexual abuse related cases.

In the first case that occurred on 1 December 2013, he was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing minor in the range of nineteen under his care in Kalanga but with time, he was acquitted by the court. His home was raised on February by security agents and his wife Ingrid Hehns was arrested for questioning because of his absence during the raid. Eleven children were rescued during the raid and Mr. Glaser was arrested when he reported to the police. According to New Vision, Ugandan English Language Newspaper, the Chief Magistrate in Masala read the charges and immediately committed the German to the High Court for trial. This followed because the prosecution told the court that enquires into the case was complete. With many hearing what happened, criticism and condemnation of the act became inevitable.

Anita Nyanjong of Equality Now, which is a Non-governmental Organization, aimed to promote the right of women, girls condemned the act, and call on the Ugandan government to protect the girls in this case with some being victims and some being witnesses. According to her, survivors of sexual manipulation and trafficking have gone under serious trauma and need special psychological support which may include assistance with longer term physical, legal and socio-economic security.

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The goal is for the government of Uganda to make sure that girls are protected from all manner of violence in any space they are in with all manner of shelters that seek to protect children subjected to regular checks on security with the main aim of ensuring the protection of every girl and boy.

In addition, Ms Nyanjong who is a programme Officer under the End Sex Trafficking Programme noted that sexual exploitation of children who are vulnerable by foreign citizens is not an issue that is unique to the country. Sex tourism is a global issue necessitating an international reaction involving government’s cooperation across borders. According to her, in this case, Uganda needs to look beyond it shores to Germany to see how the country will deal with her citizens travelling abroad to take advantage on weaknesses in the protection of local children in order to exploit vulnerable children most especially girls.

Most comment on the issue urged the government of Uganda to work with INTERPOL and German Authorities to support the investigations not just on Me. Glaser but also on other Men and women who travel abroad to sexually abuse children most especially girls. Sex tourists needs to be brought to justice as this will send a clear message to other with such type of motive; that such behavior or act is unacceptable and will never go unpunished. Child Abuse is not good and should not be encouraged in any manner in the society no matter the race, color or persons that are involved.

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