Nigeria’s Chief of Staff Mallam Abba Kyari’s dies of Corona Virus

The deceased, Abba Kyari was born on September 1952 in Bornu State, Nigeria. Following his educational background and qualifications, he was appointed Chief of Staff to the president, General Muhammadu Buhari. He was seen as one of the dominant figures in the presidential cabinet overseeing crucial meetings as well as granting audiences. His actual age has been a matter of debate in Nigeria for some time, some say he is 82, some say 77 and finally 67. It is difficult to say what his actual age was, but now that he is dead, those might not matter anymore. The man Mallam Abba kyari, was hated by mostly people in the southern part of Nigeria due to the way he chose to sideline southerners in the administration of Mohammadu Buhari, the current Nigeria president.

He was a man that was giving so much power in the current government, no one has access to the president without his consent. Most Nigerians believed that he was in fact the one running the affairs of the country and anyone that opposed him looses their job in the buhari administration. Even the nigerian head of security adviser was made irrelivant, after he accused Mallam Abba Kyari of sabotaging the security gains made against BOKO HARAM and FULANI HERDSMEN TERRORISTS. He was the man responsible for the alleged forged certificate of Mr president but no one could charge him for his misconducts. He was also acused of sidelinning the VP and the vice presidents office has been made more or less irrelivant under his watch. He pritty much was in charge of everything far and beyound his appointed office and that was the stature of the man Mallam Abba Kyari! 

It was so bad that even Nigerians on the streets washed him dead but mainly in the southern part of the country. he was always percieved as the man behind the northernisation Agenda of the Buhari government! Sadly he died of the ravaging Coronavirus, may his soul rest in peace.

Mallam Abba Kyria

It was reported that Abba Kyari must have contracted the ravaging COVID-19 during a one-week trip with the minister of power Saleh Mamman to Germany from March 7 to March 14. This was to negotiate a deal with a German energy company known as Siemens AG for the improvement of electricity supply in the country. On March 29, Abba mentioned in a statement released that he had been transferred to Lagos State for private medical attention and hoped to return back to his office as soon as possible. Though, his transfer to Lagos for treatment generated a lot of buzz among Nigerians especially residents of Lagos State why he would be transferred to Lagos since there were annual budgetary allocations for health and its facilities in the capital territory including Aso Rock Clinic. However, it was said that this was done to ensure he gets the best of medical attention.

Meanwhile, in Lagos State report shows that Abba Kyari was neither admitted in any of the two public facilities where Coronavirus patients receive their treatment. Though, there was little or no information coming from government concerning the exact place where he would be admitted. However, there were speculations that he would be admitted in the state facility after Lagos state government has shown their capabilities of handling coronavirus patients following the discharge of some patients who were treated with the provided facilities. Although, it is stated that the deaths from coronavirus recorded in Lagos State before Abba Kyari was brought in were from private facilities. His absence in the two public facilities constrained journalists to ask the state government where he was admitted.

His words was:

“I’m not aware of the Chief of Staff’s itinerary, so I don’t know where he is, we exchange messages on WhatsApp but from WhatsApp, you can’t tell where somebody is.

“We are sharing information but I haven’t asked him his location. He seems well and excited and we are sharing information on strategic matters and it has been a while we discussed about his health, so I presume he has fully recovered.”

Also, after some days, the same question was directed to the Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire during a presidential task force briefing in Abuja. But he replied that the deceased location is not necessary that he has a right to privacy.

Mallam ABBA Kyari being laid to rest at Gudu cemetery in Abuja Nigeria

Femi Adesina, presidential spokesman confirmed the passing away of the chief of staff on Friday 17, April 2020. Lagos state government also stated that Abba Kyari died from complications of coronavirus infection at First Cardiology Consultants Lagos State. On Saturday evening, April 18, Prof. Akin Abayomi confirmed the death and further added that the disclosure was purposely made following enquiries from concerned Nigerians.

Abba Kyria remain was laid to rest Saturday 18 April 2020 at Gudu cemetery in Abuja according to Islamic rites.

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