Effect of Corona Virus Lock down in Lagos Nigeria

The effect of the present covid-19 pandemic which is currently ravaging the world has had serious effect on people of the world including Lagos state. The virus which originated from Wuhan China is yet to be gotten hold off as medical practitioners around the world are currently on intense research on the cure of the virus. However, to reduce the rate of spread of the virus, many nations of the world has come up with a sit at home policy, were citizens have been advised to sit at home whilst their governments are confronted with dealing with both curbing the spread of the virus and sustaining the economy.

The Nigeria President, Muhadu Buhari in a bid to cut down the spread the of the virus has equally joined the nations of the world to declare a sit-at-home and a complete lock down of three major states in Nigeria including Lagos, Ogun state and the FCT Abuja. These are the major entry point to the country and have equally had the highest number of affected persons.

Lagos is a centre of commerce, a large cosmopolitan state that has over 20 million people residing in it, the number increases by the day. The presence of area boys in the state though have reduced but cannot be overemphasized. These boys live by the earnings of the day, they survive when activities are going are going on and the state is moving. The sit at home has crawled the state and made almost all business to be on a standstill, a situation meant for our own good but still not fair to a common Nigerian.

A lot of rubbery activities have begun in Lagos state Nigeria, A gang of hoodlums known as 100 million boys have begun moving around different parts of Lagos State causing panic and fear on residents of diverse areas of the state. According to reports from our correspondence in Lagos, this hoodlums are said to send letters to their chosen area to inform the residents of their planned visit start their operations by sending a letter to alart them that they will be visiting the area at night. This may sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s actually very true. They send letter and warn people at the area not to involve the police but must cooperate with them if they want no further troubles.

In the recent days, what’s been happening is that residents have had to mobilise to protect themselves from these criminal elements as they have zero faith in the Nigerian police to protect them. 

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