Ethiopia And Sudan To Meet At Khartoum To Pursue Political Consultation Following Border Conflicts Between The Two Countries

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According to information provided to wakeupafrica360 by our source in Ethiopia, an agreement to combat illegal activity along the border has been reached by a delegation comprising of delegates from both Ethiopia and Sudan. This was disclosed on Monday by the Ethiopian Foreign Minister thus bringing the two day long political consultation to a completion. It was gathered that the Sudanese delegates arrived the country last Friday for the talks over border issues even though they declined the country’s proposal for an initial filling of the Grand dam. A statement agreed upon by both parties said that the meeting occurred in a cordial and friendly environment and reflected a long relationship between the two countries based on mutual understanding and good neighborliness. The Sudanese delegates was led by H.E Omar Bashir Manis, Sudan’s Minister for Cabinet Affairs while the Ethiopian delegates was led by the Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonnen.

During the two day long meeting, the border between the two countries was the main agenda item. On the outcome of the meeting, the two countries agreed to continue the discussion and to create conducive environment for the resolution of the boundary issues within the framework already existing and on the basis of agreed and signed documents.

Furthermore, according to Information provided by our source, it was disclosed that there will still be a high level political meeting between both Ethiopian and Sudanese delegates around June 2020.

Also, during the meeting, the two countries agreed to strengthen cooperation and join forces in order to Fight illegal activities and ensure security of people along the border areas and equally reinforce people-to-people relations. This was disclosed by the Ethiopia Minister of Foreign Affairs. In the past weeks, there has been reports of skirmish along the Ethio-Sudanese border in the north Western part of the country but the identities of the groups involved in this illegal activity were not disclosed. Due to this, Ethiopian investors in agro allied businesses are unable to carry out their economic activity for fear of armed groups on the Sudanese side of the border with these armed group alleged to be claiming lands in Ethiopia.

Looking at history reports, in July 2018, there was a skirmish between Sudanese border soldiers and Ethiopian farmer and this resulted to the death of 5 Ethiopian farmers. Also in March 2019, the two countries reached an agreement to work together on border security. In 2017, the two countries launched a campaign titled “joint border force” to patrol the border against humanity trafficking and robbery.

Moving forward on other recent news in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian government went ahead to propose a plan of an initial filling of the mega dam’s reservoir amidst disapproval by countries like Sudan and Egypt. Talks had been held both in the past and recently with no progress prompting the US to come in and mediate on the matter. Egypt seem not to have any intention of reaching an agreement and Ethiopia on her own part seem not to give up on its plans. This lead to accusations by the Minister of Water Resources of Ethiopia on Egypt of not having any intention to reaching a conclusion on the matter.

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