Which way Nigeria

Nigerian have continued to make the news for all the wrong reasons lately, videos of their soldiers been circulated on social media for being abandoned by the military institution of the country. It appears that this appauling situation is not nearing its end anytime soon. How can a country that have gone to other countries around Africa and performed very well to fight rebels now finding it difficult to defeat BOKO HARAM in its own backyard.
Nigerians both home and abroad are very much aware of the huge federal government budget which amounts to billions of dollers for the fight against insurgency in the country, but yet, the terrorist groups continue to make serious gains over the Nigeria army. Videos of Nigerian soldiers crying of being abandoned with little or no fighting equipments in the zanbiza forest is no longer a new sight. Whilst a country like chad that is less than the size of a single state in Nigeria was able to defeat the boko haram on there own side, the Nigeria military is yet to record any meaningful success against boko haram. This is looking more like a joke for the Nigerian state. At this point it would be reasonable to suggest that Nigerians reserve the right to know what all the billions that is been budgeted for defence of their country is being used for.
What exactly is hapening?
Some argue that the current administration is using the fight against boko haram to loot the country dry, others argue that with all the billions that is budgeted for this purpose, the soldiers are still ill equiped, suggesting that the funds are not being used for what it was assigned for. What is the real reason for the Nigeria military decline and inability to defeat BOKO HARAM, your guess is blank as mine.
Somebody needs to take responsibilty and explain to the people of that country what is really happening with the security of the country. Its very shameful for a country that was once refered to as the giant of Africa.
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