There Is An Under-Utilization Of Seaports In The Eastern Part of The Country: NPA Chairman Laments

Nigerian Port Authority Chairman, Chief Akin Ricketts

According to information provided to Wakeupafrica360 by our source in Nigeria, the newly appointed chairman of the Nigerian Port Authority in the person of Chief Akin Ricketts has lamented over the under-utilization of seaports located in the Eastern corridor of the country. This he made known yesterday, thursday in his remarks at the Inauguration of the NPA board members by the Minister of Road and Transport, Mr. Rotimi Ameachi, in the state capital. He emphasized the need for there to be maximum utilization of seaports in the country especially those in the Eastern part of the country. According to his remarks, he noted that the Eastern corridor seaports are under utilized and measures should be put in place to make it function at its full capacity again. He also brought to the notice of the minister of the bad nature of road leading to the seaports and congestion present at Lagos ports adding that the problem needs to be classified as a priority challenge and must be dealt with as such. He equally pleaded for the support of the new board in ensuring that this problems are dealt with and on time too. According to him “the major issues facing our ports today are capacity utilization and evacuation corridors. While the ports in the East are being grossly under utilized due to many factors, the efficiency of the ports in Lagos is hampered by inadequate evacuation corridors that lead to congestion on the road which ultimately affect prompt service delivery”.

Congestion and under utilization has been for a long time now a major challenge which the Nigerian Port Authority together with other stakeholders intend to tackle. When this is done, the problem encountered at the port by port users will be solved and the ease of doing business in the port will improve. Still on the matter, the NPA Chairman, Mr. Akin Ricketts noted that the Authority has its own share of challenges and problems needed to be given immediate attention and that together with support from the management and relevant stakeholders, such challenges and problems can be solved. He equally noted that new management will ensure that they give every issues and matters arising the adequate consideration needed imploring a fair and objective approach without favour or ill-will. He also promised a cordial relationship of the board and effective oversight of NPA without losing focus of the purpose of their appointment. He clarified that the board would create an atmosphere where employees have freedoms to say their mind and express dissent in cases of maltreatment to dislike of any policy or action taken by the board. He equally noted that measures will be put in place so that employees will not abuse the process. Finally, he stressed that the board will ensure that feedback mechanisms are put in place so that major stakeholders and port users will make suggestions to help ensure efficiency in service delivery.

The Minister of Transport, Mr. Rotimi Ameachi addressing NPA new Board

The Minister of transport, Mr. Rotimi Ameachi while making a remark urged the board not to engage in a parallel management. He urged the new board to embrace cooperation and understand that it is important they work with the management because they are just a board not the management of NPA. He equally tasked them with the mandate to ensure smooth operations in the ports and also we can not afford to shut down the ports because we are in unusual times because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Below is a list of other members of the board inaugurated yesterday in Abuja, the coastal territory of Nigeria.

  1. Mohammed Koko
  2. Onari Brown
  3. Senator Binta Masi Garba
  4. Senator John Udoidighe
  5. Abdulwahab Adeshina
  6. Ghazali Mohammed
  7. Mustapha Aminu Dutse
  8. Prof. Idris Abubakar

In other news making the rounds at this time, we have it that Nigeria loses N125 billion Oil Revenue as price slumps in Q1 due to the coronavirus pandemic.  On the note, the federal government have projected through the body responsible for reporting economic dynamics that the country’s GDP will contract by 8.9%. Inflation equally gained at 12.34% and oil price hits $36 per barrel as a result of trade recovering.

The Federal government on its own has suspended debt deductions from states in order to cushion the effect of the pandemic on States affected. The world Bank also pledge to assist the country with relief packages with $1.5 billion.

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