Ghana Appoints First Muslim Supreme Court Judge

Justice Issifu Omoro Tanko Amadu, during his swearing in as the a new Ghana supreme court judge

Ghana has appointed its first Muslim Court Judge; Justice Issifu Omoro Tanko Amadu. The justice was sworn in by the president alongside other justice at a separate ceremonies at the jubilee house which is the seat of the nation’s presidency. The justice include, justice Amadu and Justice Clemence Jackson Honyenuga. Swearing in the justice, President Akufo-Addo noted that they met the stringent requirement of Article 128 Clause (4) of the Constitution and has also demonstrated the independence of spirit, proven integrity, high moral character and impartiality of mind to hold the high office. According to remark by the president, Justice Clemence track record over the last 39 years speaks for himself having worked in the following capacity: Assistant State Attorney, Private Legal practitioner, judge advocate of the Ghana Navy, Justice of the high court, Additional high court judge sitting on civil matters, narcotics, robbery and other violent crimes, director of the Remand Prisoners Project and a long serving justice of the court of appeal.

The president also noted that the appointment of Justice Clemence is truly deserved and merited. The Supreme Court has developed a positive reputation for the quality of its constitutional jurisprudence and he is hopeful Justice Clemence who has already have good experience of high judicial office in the court of Appeal, will help strengthen the development of the country’s constitutional and jurisprudence in the supreme court. He urged the Justice to overlook past events and dispense justice in accordance with the rule of law and conscience. It is important that he ensure the strict application of all the laws of the land without fear or favour, affection or ill-will for that is the true meaning of the concept of equality before the law.

The President, Akudo-Addo and Justice Clemence on the swearing in of the Justice to the Supreme Court.

Equally, at the swearing-in ceremony of Justice Tabko Amadu, the President Akudo-Addo stated that it is the first time in the country’s history that a Muslim has been appointed to the highest court of the land adding that he is delighted to have been the president to have the honor of doing so, and to also do this in the holy month of Ramadan. Justice Tanko Amadu has worked as a lawyer in the great Federal Republic of Nigeria for nineteen years and going on to found his own firm in 1997. He was appointed to the high court in 2008 and four year later was promoted to the court of Appeal through hard work and merit.

The Constitution of the Republic affirming that final judicial power in the state is vested solely in the judiciary and not on any agency or organ of the state. On this note, the president noted that the judiciary has onerous responsibilities to protect the individual liberties and fundamental human rights of citizens to act as the arbiter in disputes between the state and the citizen and also act as an arbiter in disputes between citizens and all persons and to serve as the bulwark for the defense and promotion of the liberties and rights of the people. With all other courts bound to follow the decisions of the Supreme Court on questions of law, it is obviously critical that justices of the Supreme Court possess a sound knowledge of the law and of precedent, the principle of state crisis.

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