None cultured black women in diaspora drag their husbands to court!

How African women destroy black men in diaspora using the white man court system

In the UK and other parts of Europe a very high number of black children are being raised by single mothers, which has had a tremendous negative impact on both black girls and black boys, but mostly the black boys than the girls.

How did things get out of hand. How come a people that are known for their family culture and family hierarchy lost all of that. How is it that a very high number of black children in the UK now think that it’s normal not to have a father figure in their homes. Young black Boys join gangs while the black girls continue the single mothers part just like their mums and the circles continues.

Black boys raised only by their mothers without a male role model to look up to and to teach them how to be men and teach them how to deal with challenges of black men in a system that is set to destroy them and surpress their ego as man with persistent white supremacist systems almost all government institutions. So much about black people not gaining recognition and black men not doing very well like other immigrants but in Europe and America is so much to do with the fact that most black women in Europe and America have lust all the cultural values that exists in Africa for which black people are known for, to embrace the Western culture to the detriment of black race and this has led to the high level of broken homes within the black communities than there are in any other immigrant race in Europe and America combined.

Once an African / black woman starts earning enough money in the west everything about respect for her husband and culture soon becomes a thing of the past. It’s ok for whilst the man is still the one making the money and providing for his family, but soon as the woman starts earning up to £25,000 every respect for her husband goes out of the window.

There have been reports of the man spending thousands of pounds or dollars as the case may be to bring the woman to the UK or Us, put her through nursing school. But soon after she finishes study and starts working give it a year or two that family would have cracked beyond repair or already parted ways with her husband either because she is too big to listen to her husband or she is no longer in her husbands class anymore. This is how they have destroyed the world of too many men that took them from poverty, sacrificed to make them better. They drag their men through court which is their to destroy the black man. The family court system in the United Kingdom has no recognition of the role of the father figure, it sees the man as the sperm Donor who needs to pay for the sperm that it donated. The system has no place for the father and the negative impact of too many black boys growing up without their father as role model will continue to have generational impact on black race especially in diaspora.

The products of men raised by single mums
Their way of lying to get black men jailed

African women in diaspora are highly likely to remove themselves from their cultural values which is the reason for the mess. The Asians, chinese, Indians even east Europeans all able to understand the benefit of raising children within a functional family of husband and wife but black women are more likely to use the police to drive their men away from home with their normal excuse of am not happy or i am being abused line of lies. its gotten to that stage where if nothing is done about it, within two decades 90% of black children would be raised by a single mum both in europe and America.

Their common strategy explained
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