Kenyans To Mark A Digital Madaraka

Information reaching Wakeupafrica360 from our source in Kenya, going by history, the Madaraka is a day marked by open celebrations in stadia with events like military parades, entertainment, songs and dance. All this will not take place as the President Uhuru Kenyatta will lead the country today being 1st June 2020 in marking the 57th Madaraka Day from the State House in Nairobi, due to the ban on public gatherings to contain the spread of the coronavirus. For the record, this will be the first time the country is marking a national holiday without all the glamour that comes with national celebrations especially ones that remind the public of all the struggles the country went through to attain independence.

Kenya Observing The Madaraka Day

Traditionally, the Madaraka day is marked with open celebrations in packed stadia with military displays, entertainment, and song and dance. The highpoint of the celebration is usually the time when the president addresses the nation. Most families use the public holiday for Merry making and equally a time to reflect on the achievements of the country since June 1, 1963 when the country gained independence and founding president Jomo Kenyatta became the country’s first Prime Minister. With the present Coronavirus outbreak in the country, everything has changed. Individuals who look forward enthusiastically to the Madaraka day will be forced to stay indoors with family members and watch the event from their TV screen. Even businesses who make much profit on that day selling special commemorative artefacts to people would stay at a distance and count losses due to the ban put on public gatherings.

The current President, Uhuru Kenyatta changed the format of the celebration of the three national holidays in 2015. The celebrations are: Madaraka Day, Mashujaa Day and Jamhuri Day. According to his orders, the events should be rotated among counties outside the state capital, Nairobi. As for today’s Madaraka celebration, Kisii Country will be hosting and will be privileged to witness the joy of the Madaraka Day with special goodies that comes with hosting the country’s top leadership. Unfortunately, the country will miss the opportunity as there is restrictions on public gatherings due to the ravaging coronavirus pandemic.

Odinga Raila

On other news making the round, ODM leader, Raila hails the country’s effort towards the fight against the coronavirus outbreak in the country and urges citizens to adhere strictly to safety rules. He also lamented on the country’s triple tragedy as it faces the coronavirus pandemic, locusts invasion and floods which has displaced thousands along the coast regions. While addressing the country from his office on his Madaraka day speech, he hailed the health workers for the vital roles they played in responding to the coronavirus. According to him, “I salute our dedicated health workers who have risked their lives to lead the battle against the coronavirus from the front and made all the difference in regard to saving lives”. He also praised the ministry of health for their efforts in containing the virus by formulating policies, creating public awareness and enforcing safety measures. He lashed out on individuals defying the safety measures put in place by the government through its agencies.

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