We Can’t Sacrifice The Piece Of Ghana On Political Rhetorics: Prince Mbah Speaks

Prince Mbah, the President of the Forum For National Equity
Source: http://ghanaweb.com

Information reaching Wakeupafrica360 from our source in Ghana had it that the President of the Forum for National Equity, Prince Bagnaba Mba, has called on all the political stakeholders to give the Electoral Commission the chance to discharge its mandate in order to deepen the country’s democracy. According to him, he said and I quote: “I have observed that the issue of compilation of the new voter’s register has generated unnecessary threats of violence and mayhem from political interest groups and wish to remind Ghanaians that the corporate peaceful Ghana cannot have sacrificed on political rhetoric.”

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Sunday during an exclusive interview, Prince Mba said that the electoral commission is the constitutional body mandated by the constitution to conduct peaceful elections and it is only fair to give this commission the free hand to carry out this mandate. He also said that the voter’s register is he main key to ensure democracy and it is not only illegal but also criminal for certain individual to try and manipulate this for their own selfish interest. According to him, Ghana has come a long way as pacesetters in Africa, when it comes to democratic government and this invisible height the country has achieved comes with a lot of sacrificial responsibilities. He therefore called on all political parties to rather be concerned with the mobilization of their supporters and members to register massively to ensure the transparent conduct of elections. They should not spend their energies on issues that can happen the country’s democracy.

According to him, foundation building is the basic determinant of the strength of any institution. It’s interesting how some of the political parties are behaving. They engage in fighting unnecessary wars over which side of the egg of to break. He concluded by saying that lack of sincerity and individuals putting party first, makes the nation’s politics nothing but populism. He also said that there will always be an excuse from people to justify their actions but for the common good of the Ghana people, there is a massive call for maximum cooperation with the Electoral Commission in the spirit of goodwill and commitment in order to promote democracy.

He noted that the coronavirus affected everything globally and the little time left before the elections should be used for planning and not spent on unnecessary arguments.

Photo of the Chief Executive Officer of Marrer Ghana Linited and Susatgad Boat Building and Fishing Industries, Mr. Novihoho Afaglo.
Source: http://Ghanaweb.com

On other news making the round at this hour, the Chief Executive Officer of Marrer Ghana Limited and Susatgad Boat Building and Fishing industries, Mr. Novihoho Afaglo, has started that it is time for Ghanaians to set qualification standards for individuals seeking appointment to political offices. According to him, any Ghanaian looking to represent a group of people in parliament or even occupy power in government must have a certain educational qualification before being allowed to be voted for or appointed. He noted that there are currently some members of parliament in Ghana who find it difficult putting their thoughts together and whether we believe it or not, this is indeed an embarrassment to the country.

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