Uganda Postpones The Return of Citizens Stranded Abroad Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic

Information reaching wakeupafrica360 from our correspondent in Uganda has it that the Ugandan government has postponed the repatriation of its citizens stranded abroad to a later date. This was made known by the Ministry of Health.

Following the recent coronavirus outbreak in the world, many Ugandans abroad we’re left jobless and majority of them have been crying to the government to grant them permission to return home.

Photo of the Uganda Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng

Earlier before now, the health Minister, Jane Ruth Aceng had said that 300 of the 2,392 stranded Ugandans would be repatriated after every two weeks and the first group was supposed to arrive on Saturday. However, Official of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said they were not aware of any plane bringing in the stranded Ugandans. This was later clarified by the Ministry of Health when they made a tweet that no flights would be arriving the country.

According to the Ministry, “While more than 2,300 Ugandans will be repatriated, no flight repatriating Ugandans is arriving into the country today. The exact date will be communicated in due course.” The Uganda Health Permanent Secretary, Dr. Atwine, also has this to say while addressing journalists on the matter, “you know the details are with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they are the ones that have been in touch. Those people are the ones who know these flights…for us we do not organize their flights neither do we have their scheduled flights….”

Furthermore, the Minister of Health, Dr Aceng has said that all the returnees must undergo Covid-19 testing and isolation. The ministry has identified and prepared a total of 16 quarantine centers where all these returnees must undergo a 14 days of institutional quarantine at their own cost. The ministry has also assembled screening and laboratory teams to ensure that all returnees undergo these testing upon arrival and also undergo a 14 day quarantine. If anyone is found positive in the quarantine site, he or she will be transferred immediately to a a designated treatment center for care.

Police orders vendors to leave Balikyewunya Market in Luweero Town

On other news making the rounds, three roadside market in Luweero District have been closed.

On Monday, policeman commanded by Luweero District Police Commander, Mr. Abraham Tukundare raided the markets and ordered the vendors to vacate or be evicted. According to the police, vendors who operate in the affected markets has failed to follow guidelines that were issued by the government to control the spread of coronavirus. The affected markets are Balikyejusa, Balikyewunya and Wobulenzi. Vendors in this markets mainly sell fruits, bananas, roasted meat and other agricultural produce. According to the District Police Commander, Mr Tukundabe, the Luweero District Task Force on Covif-19 resolved to close the markets after vendors ignored to practice social distancing, wearing face masks and washing their hands as well as using sanitizers. However, the vendors described the closure as unfair and rushed and has plunged them into huge losses.

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