Monthly Archives: June 2020

Ghanaians Give Akufo- Addo 34% For Not Keeping His Campaign Promises; John Mahama Got 66%

Our sofrom our source in Ghana has it that Ghanaians on social media have had their say on which head of state is better in terms of keeping to campaign promises. This comparison was made between the current president , Nana Akufo-Addo and his predecessor, Former president, John Mahama. The elections in December is almost and the two personality are

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Decades Of Assaults On Power Separation Has Left Kenya A Fractious Legacy

The Rule of Law stands at the center of Kenya’s democratization. This can be seen in the implementation of the 2010 constitution. The supreme law that was realized after a long struggle, provided for a vertical and horizontal checks and balances. Through research, one can notice a crony of reactionary political who are beneficiaries of the one party autocracy which

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