Wakeupafrica360 got an inside information of the case of one Chijioke Iloanya who was arrested in 2012 by one policeman by the name, James Nwafor and detained. At the time of his detention at the said police station, his parents saw him and spoke with him in detention. However, whilst arrangements were being made to secure his release, police officers at Awkuzu police state where the young man was being detained informed the family that Chijioke their son was no longer with them at the said police station.

The young man appears to have disappeared whilst on police custody without trace and no one able to explain his disappearance. The family of the young man have reasons to believe that James Nwafor and his men at SARS Awkuzu had taken the young man from the station together with his SARS team and killed him as alleged by Iloanya family.

James Nwafor

James Nwafor faces indictments of civil rights campaigners who say he is the killer and they are of the view that Mr Nwafor did not act alone and are demanding that all his accomplices also be named to face indictment alongside him. The groups allege that he was vicariously aided and supported by his fellow policemen within the SARS. Whilst he is still working for the Governor of Anambra State and presently shielded by his SSA Security appointment.

James Nwafor is said to have been shielded for many years by the Nigerian Police, whilst the campaigns for his arrest and trial intensified, The Police claimed ignorance of his whereabout, meanwhile he was on a secret transfer to Maiduguri but later reappeared as a pensioner. The group is alleging that Governor Obiano has no moral justification for retaining James Nwafor as his SSA Security. According to the campaigners Mr Obiano has only one choice in this matter, to terminate the appointment of Mr Nwafor and hand him over to the Police for investigation of his activities.

The investigation into what happened to Chijioke Iloanya in police custody should not be done by the police alone. An independent inquiry comprising the police, National Human Rights Commission, Legal Aid Council and Public Complaint Commission. Should be charged to launch an independent inquiry into the era of Nwafor at SARS Awkuzu. The disappearance of Chijioke and other compatriots must not be swept under the carpet. It pears that the police station in question is notorious as to how it deals with citizens in their custody according a local of the Awkuzu area.

To draw attention to this campaign us the following hash tags:

 #WhereisChijioke #ArrestNwaforNow to draw attention to the crimes of this James Nwafor. #WhereIsChijioke #ArrestNwaforNow.

Help Chijioke’s family get justice for his death!

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