Speak Up If You Want To Be Taken Seriously – NUGS To Piece Council

Photo of the Logo of National Union of Ghana Students

According to information made available to Wajeupafrica360 from our correspondent in Ghana, the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has implored the National Peace Council (NPC) to speak up in the face of “multiple acts of violence” as they called it,  which is being perpetrated by government officials and functionaries of the government. According to the NUGS, the National Peace Council has been awfully silent in giving credence to the many rumors that the once-revered institution is now defunct. If the NPC wants to be taken seriously by Ghanaians, it must speak up and restore sanity to the political landscape.

In a statement issued today, NUGS said it is puzzled that the NPC is yet to comment about the alleged brutal murder of one Master Silas Wulochamey, a graduate teacher trainee. Mr. Wulochamey reportedly lost his life after he was stabbed following an altercation between some New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters at a registration center in the Eastern Region. According to the statement, “Not too long ago, Master Silas a graduate teacher trainee was allegedly brutally murdered in Banda by individuals alleged to have been assigns of the ruling party. It has been three weeks and nothing has been heard from the Peace Council concerning that unfortunate incidence,” The statement adds that the ongoing voter registration exercise has been marred with reports of intimidation of opposition party agents. The National Union of Ghana Students cited attacks at Ledzokuku, where it says the private office of the NDC parliamentary candidate was breached by armed police and military personnel and Kasoa, where an MP and the Minister for Special Initiatives Hon Mavis Hawa Koomson admitted to firing a gunshot as instances of unprovoked attacks.

Photo of the Logo of the National Peace Council, Ghana

According to them, “In all these instances, the National Peace Council is awfully silent and giving credence to the many rumors that the once-revered institution is now defunct. If the Council wants Ghanaians to take them seriously, they should speak and act now to restore sanity in our political landscape. The youth and students of Ghana do not feel safe enough and the mounting tension does not give us comfort. The time to act is now”.

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