CHRSJ exposes how hotelier, Ijegun policemen conspire to raise cultists, fraudsters Calls on Police authorities to investigate the said matter

A human rights group, the Centre for Human Rights and Social brought to the attention of correspondence in Nigeria about these incidents of defrauding unsuspecting victims by a hotelier

Justice(CHRSJ) has called on the Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Adamu Muhammed, Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP)Zone 2 Zonal Headquarters and Lagos State Commissioner of Police and the leadership of the Police Service Commission (PSC) to beam searchlight into the activities of the Isheri-Oshun Divisional Police Station in
Lagos State over an alleged conspiracy with an hotelier to groom fraudsters and cult members in the area of the State.

This call became imperative over the allegation of harbouring of known fraudsters and cultists in the Ijegun area of the State by an hotelier, alleging that it was uncovered another strategy being used
by fraudsters in collaboration with hotelier and police to rob the innocent people of their belongings.

This was also discovered in an hotel called Magmorad Hotel of N0 1-3,Alabata Street, Ijegun, Lagos State and the owner of the hotel,Oluwole Adewole (a.k.a. Araba) with phone number:-08058828901,was the godfather of these cultists cum fraudsters and his hotel has been used as den of these boys  and girls.

CHRSJ, according to investigation, revealed that a Dubai returnee, Mr.Olubusayo Akindejuoye with phone number:-08068628684 /08085879842,who lodged at the hotel recently, were the victim of these boys and girls where he(Akindejuoye) was robbed of his belongings including; Laptop, 64 G Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy X7 and
new clothes worth of N25,000.

All the aforementioned goods belonging to Akindejuoye were stolen by a Lady in the hotel, called Miss Idowu Adewole with phone number:-08183871998 in February this year and  the matter was reported at Isheri-Oshun Divisional  Police Station where an Investigating Police Officer (IPO), Abiodun a.k.a. Abbey with Phone
number:-08034891362, was put in-charge of the case.

But instead of IPO Abiodun to investigate the matter diligently to arrest the perpetrator (Idowu Adewole), Abiodun just came around to say that he could not find the lady and what made the matter worst, on 23rd of July, 2020, Akindejuoye who was Complainant at the Police Station, sighted the lady Idowu who had earlier evaded the police
arrest in the same hotel.

Investigation further revealed that Akindejuoye did not waste time to report back to the Police Station that he has seen the runaway lady but to his surprise, IPO Abiodun told him to go and take the permission from the hotelier and on getting to the owner of the hotel, he informed him of the IPO directive and instead of Hotelier to accede
to Akindejuoye request, he gave him (Akindejuoye) a dirty slapped for making such request from him where he got to know that he was the one(Hotelier) using those ladies to defraud the unsuspected people.

He then went back to inform the Police at Isheri-Oshun Divisional Police Station for third times where he discovered that the Policemen in the Station and the owner of the hotel were working together. But
unknown to the new DPO of the Station that IPO Abiodun and other Policemen in the Station were in the known about the evil and criminal activities being used the said hotel to be perpetrated in the area.

The new DPO then ordered for the arrest of the two of them (Akindejuoye and Hotelier) and they later released them on bail on Friday 24th July, 2020 to come back Tomorrow (Monday). While the
Complainant (Akindejuoye) was released on bail for self recognition, Hotelier was released to one surety (Foluso Lawal Ibrahim) with phone number:-08180414305/09068886815.

To the surprise of the surety (Folusho), the wife of the Hotelier, Mrs. Hannah Oluwole led their thugs, eight in numbers to come for him by beaten him (Folusho) blue- black for doing the surety while the
police released Akindejuoye on self recognition and Folusho then reported them back to the same Police station which they refused to take action on those thugs till the time of filling this report.

The boys led by Mrs. Oluwole were;Ce-Marcus,In-legal,Tobi,Versac,Castrol,Tony,Asa and one other,
alleging them of being secret cult members being used by the Hotelier and as well selling hard drugs.

Commenting on the matter at the weekend, CHRSJ’S Executive Chairman, Comrade Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman, urged the police authority in the land not to take this issue with levity hand by commencing immediate
investigation into the matter in order to ensure that the perpetrators face the music of the law by arresting all those mentioned for an indecent assault of surety (Folorunsho).

Comrade Sulaiman who recalled that the investigation has revealed that many unsuspected Nigerians who have lodged in the said hotel recently have been their victims of evil and criminal acts.

suspected fraudsters

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