Nigeria at the brink!

We have followed events unfolding in Nigeria diligently in the past 3-4 years and it appears that Nigeria as a country has been consumed by corruption in a manner that no country has ever been. For the benefit of those with no knowledge of Nigeria. Nigeria is a country of estimated 200 million people. The country is rich in Nigeria resources as well as human capital. However, the country has been run to ground by the ruling class. Most citizens have been forced to switch on to survival mode, such that is only experienced in the case of war, food shortages or famine.

The citizens are fighting just to stay alive, meaning that they are ready to do just anything to stay alive! Death of human being in Nigeria is no longer taken seriously because on daily basis citizens die like rats, some killed by reckless law enforcement agencies, some by Boko haram, by Fulani herdsmen terrorists and other by armed criminals. So Nigeria could easily pass as one of the most dangerous places on earth to live. The army in Nigeria have in many occasions been credibly accused of colluding with criminals and terrorists in killings especially Christians in the north and southern Nigeria alike.

Recently, the military without consultations have been releasing “captured terrorists” in a programme they describe as deradicalization “repentant terrorists”. By this they mean terrorists that have killed Nigerians in their numbers, rendered thousands of communities homeless killing fathers, mothers, created thousands of orphans in the IDP camps around the northern part of Nigeria.

“Repentant/ Deradicalized Boko haram terrorists”

Those they killed their relatives and rendered homeless destroying all their livelihood are still in the IDP camps helpless and abandoned, whilst the military is rehabilitating the terrorists offering them monetary incentives and sending them on their way and they are free to join the Nigerian army if they so wish! no wonder the allegation of the military colluding with terrorists was received and widely supported. its the accusation against the military and the police when it comes to Fulani herdsmen terrorists too. The law enforcement agencies always turn a blind eye regarding the killings and destruction of farm lands all over the country by the said terrorist herders, but they are quick to mobilise against any reprisal attacks on this same Fulani terrorists . The current administration would prefer to use the term farmers and herders clash meanwhile it is the Fulani herdsmen terrorists that are that are destroying farms and killing farmers if they dare ask questions. It appears the government of Nigeria have a policy that is been fulfilled by this terrorists if that is not the case why is the government turned a deaf ear to the barbaric killings being carried out by these Fulani terrorists disguising as herders?

A secessionist group from the southeast of Nigeria is alleged to have lobbied the United stated of America state department to address the killings of none Muslims in the northern Nigeria and USCIRF also lend their voice to persuade the current government of the country to intervene to stop the alleged genocide of Christians in the northern part of that country.

IPOB a secessionist group in the southeast of Nigeria
Nigeria army boss Brutai
The ex military general that accused the army of colluding with terrorists

In the light of these, the country is currently battling with corruption of a magnitude that has never been seen or hard in any other country in Morden days. The politicians are criminally shamelessly stealing and sharing public funds to enrich themselves and their generations unborn. The world is watching and waiting for the citizens of Nigeria around the world to stand up against these daylight robbery by politicians, including lawmakers and public servants can only come to an end when the citizens themselves chooses to rise up to demand for the resignation of all the law makers that have been mentioned in corruption allegations and those seen living a life that there salaries can not afford.

Acting EFCC accused of corruption

One would expect the normal reaction by citizens of the country to be a massive protest all around the country, calling out these politicians and demanding for accountability. But unfortunately the citizens are rather busy with reality tv show BBNaija whilst their future and that of their children is being stolen by a few greedy individuals that made it to power by omission or commission. These individuals have gotten use to the fact that Nigerians have given up on anything good coming out the government of the country as such they have switched to entertainment and reality shows as the drug to forget about their own reality which is in fact detriment to their future. The country lacks the most basic infrastructure, like healthcare, electricity, water, education and road infrastructures. Every citizen of Nigeria is pretty much a government by themselves and not expecting anything from the government, they see the government as a waste, irresponsible, corrupt and irrelevant and unreliable!

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