Boda Boda Rider Over The Moon After Marrying A Woman He Believed Was Above His Class

Francis gave his wife the wedding of her dream

Our correspondent in Uganda has it that a Boda Boda rider by name Francis was over the moons after he got married to a woman he believed to be way above his level. Francis, the Boda Boda rider dropped out of school at class seven and feared that he will not be able to woo a woman who was above his status but things changed as he went ahead to win the love of his life, Olivia, whom he met through a church they used to go to. Francis didn’t only won over the woman of his dreams, he also gave her the grand fantasy wedding she deserved. This lead to many people being inspired and encouraged in toiling the same path as Francis. According to the report by out correspondent, Despite being a boda boda rider and his wife working at a well paying company, Francis went ahead to woo her and finally settling down with her. The young man not only won over the woman of his dreams but also gave her the grand fantasy wedding she deserved. Francis met Olivia in 2014 when he did not even own a motorcycle of his own. According to Francis, “I knew a friend who owned a boda boda company and he agreed to loan me a bike for me to start my job,”

Photo of Francis and Olivia during their wedding ceremony

The two solidified their union through a church they were both going to, Mukono Deliverance Church. Francis was a loyal attendee of the church but never served while Olivia sang in the choir. Francis joined the church’s community outreach team to get closer to her as it was one of her usual duties. The best part about their courtship and finally their wedding is the fact that their big day was funded by his happy customers. Wow. Years later, the two are living together and Francis continues to feed his family with money from his boda boda business.

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