Ghana Is Now Into Electric Cars Manufacturing and Kenya Touts Locally Made Tuk Tuk

Photo of the first electric cars manufactured in Ghana

Wakeupafrica360 Ghana correspondent reported over the weekend that the country has started the manufacturing of electric cars and the report also indicated that in East Africa, Kenya too, has started the manufacturing of locally made tuk tuk like cars. In Ghana, the CEO of Kantanka Automobile, Kwadwo Safo Junior, demonstrated how the new small cars being manufactured operate – The vehicle is electric, which means for the first time in Ghana, many drivers won’t have to worry about fuel prices or oil changes on their cars – According to Safo, the Kantanka Amoanimah would be very useful for students and many taxi drivers. In a test drive video posted on social media by the company it was explained that once the car got started by one of the mechanics at the company, it simply started moving smoothly with no further manipulations with the hand. Also, according to the renowned Ghanaian CEO, the cars are particularly useful for students and drivers who are badly affected by the price hikes in fuel and oils used in automobiles. He also added the small brand of Kantanka cars would be perfect for those who like to sneak in and out of places because they produce very little sound. Although the particular car that was used for the demonstration was yet to be finished, the video truly proves the vehicle will be very convenient for many Ghanaians.

Photo of the tuk tuk like car produced locally by Kenya

In Kenya meanwhile, the country is expected to start mass production of locally made cars for both local and global markets after the government partnered with Sagak AutoTech. The car company got the partnership through Kenya Export Promotion and government’s branding agency whose mission is to brand Kenya, export Kenyan products and build Kenya. The deal came barely a week after Ministry of Trade Cabinet Secretary, Betty Maina, officially opened the assembly line – Maina endorsed the car and said the government would offer its support in production and marketing to stimulate the economy – The factory is based in Nyahururu, Laikipia County where all the assembly and production is done

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