The Federal Government Will Retain Sharing Formula For 774,000 Jobs- Keyamo

Photo of the Minister of State for Labor and Productivity, Festus Keyamo (SAN)

Information reaching Wakeupafrica360 from its correspondent in Nigeria has the Minister of State for Labor and Productivity, Mr. Festus Keyamo (SAN) coming out to say that the federal government will retain the original formula for sharing the 774,000 jobs under the Special Public Works (SPW) Scheme. Let us recall that recently, the Director-General of the National Directorate of Employment, Dr. Nasir Mohammed Ladan had stated that the job sharing formula will accommodate more concessions. The Minister therefore, came out to say that only 15% of the job slots will be given to Governors, National Assembly members, Ministers and other interest group. He also admitted that there would be a few adjustments depending on local circumstances and insisted that the interest of the public will be uppermost than any other group interested in the 774,000 jobs.

Let now consider the statement made by Mr. Festus Keyamo, “The report on the sharing formula must have been a misapprehension of the instructions I gave to them to implement. I did not give any instruction on 40 per cent rise for them to implement. We are sticking to the original formula of 15 per cent concession to political officeholders. There may be a few adjustments here and there depending on local circumstances. We are working harmoniously with NDE on this issue. That is why you can see a joint team (from the ministry and NDE) going around to supervise the preparations for the takeoff of the project all over the country. By the law establishing NDE, the ministry is an integral part of NDE. We cannot separate the two of them. The DG and I have held several meetings of late and we are on the same page on these issues, ”  He also went further to insist that October 1st which is the date for the project take-off is realistic.

On other news making the rounds at this hour, the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has rejected the latest publication by the Senate ad-hoc Committee on the review of the 1999 Constitution(as amended). This made this known through the Forum’s Director, Publicity and Advocacy, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed in a statement on Sunday and according to him, the review had no value. Nigerians are majorly concerned with waste in governance at this difficult times and the second y too is facing an unprecedented challenges and therefore can not support such moves by the lawmakers.

Photo of lawmakers in the senate auditorium

According to the Northern Elders, “The Forum is convinced that this initiative of the Senate is of no value and a predictably waste of time, resources and energy of the nation, and should not be supported by any Nigerian genuinely concerned by waste in governance at this difficult time when the economy is facing unprecedented challenges. Virtually every National Assembly since 1999 had spent huge amounts of Nigerian people’s money on jamborees that gave them false hope that the three arms of government respect genuine desire of Nigerians for a holistic and genuine review and amendment of the 1999 Constitution. Nothing fundamental or of any value has come out of these grand schemes to exploit Nigerians collective desire to address our political and economic fundamentals. Nigeria’s future rests largely on its willingness to address major constraints to equity and justice, adding that a functional structure, consistent good governance, security for all citizens, growing understanding between and among all groups and an economy that grows and narrows inequalities between and classes and regions.

The legislature and the executive branches of government had large quantities of reviews, recommendations and reports from past attempts at amending the Constitutions. These represent enough resources for a review if the legislature is serious about this vital national priority. Even this is not likely to produce a genuine effort to address the basic requirements of securing a stable, secure and prosperous Nigeria, because both arms of this administration are unlikely to accept to put through a wide-ranging review of the Constitution. We therefore recommends the alternative of leaders of thought, elders, groups and professional organizations and representatives of government to freely discuss every element of our co-existence as a country under principles of voluntarism, genuine representation and utmost mutual respect of the process. A Nigerian Peoples’ Conference on Review of the Constitution will benefit from past work in this direction and contemporary challenges the country needs to address in a context that allows free expression without pre-determined ends. The outcome of this Conference should be submitted to the two arms of government which may arrange and fund a referendum on the recommendations of the Conference for Nigerians to decide on how they want their nation to be structured and function,”

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