A Chinese Man Crowned As Chief In Ghana

Photo of Sun Qiang, the Chinese that was crowned Chief at Kwahu Abetifi, town in Eastern region of Ghana
Sorce: http://celebritybuzz.com

Wakeupafrica360 gathered from its correspondent in Ghana that a Chinese man by name Sun Qiang has become a chief at Kwahu Abetifi town in the Eastern region of the country. He was given a Ghanaian name, Barima Kofi Ayeboafo and his chieftancy title is “Nk)s) Hene’ which means Development Chief. This title was bestowed on him owning to the fact that China is one of the most infrastructurally developed nations of the world and it is hoped and believed that Chief Sun Qiang will replicate that in Ghana. Sun Qiang resides in Ghana and has being crowned a traditional ruler at Kwahu Abetifi where he was made a king in charge of development t in the area in a ceremony that took place on September 5, 2020. By virtue of his enstoolmebt, Sub Qiang got a Ghana name, Barima Kofi Ayeboafo and now bears the tile of development chief, an honorific title that is received only by people deserving of it and who are expected to bring development to the area where he or she was crowned. Becoming a chief is known to be a privilege that is extended mainly to people of royal blood or those who have grown up with specific jurisdictions but the enstoolment of Sun Qiang is one of the rare exceptions. China as a country is developed and infrastructure stable when compared to other developed countries. Therefore, it is expected and hoped that Chief Sun Qiang would exhibit strategies of his home country to develop his community.

Photo of Newly Crowned Chief, Sun Qiang from China with some of the chiefs in The Eastern Region of Ghana
Source: http://celebritybuzz.com

Moving forward, let us recall a recent event that took place in Kenya when a Chinese head engineer caused drama when he denied CAS Wayinga Ndeti and other officers access to a Likoni Footbridge Project complaining that he was not going to let them in because he was not aware of their visit. This lead to irritation of the Mvita DCC who asked the Chinese man why he was not respecting the transport ministry officials and further called on the officers that had accompanied them to take the head engineer out of the way. The crowd gathered there could not help but laugh at the unfolding drama while the gates were opened for the CAS allowing her to carry out her duties. Wakeupafrica360 is now asking, could all these be seen as China taking over Africa like a sort of modern colonization?

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