President Of Uganda, Museveni Slams Ghetto Youths For Wanting Instant Benefits

Information reaching Wakeupafrica360 as it that the President of Uganda, Museveni has reprimanded a fraction of ghetto youths he met wanting instant benefits. He described them as dangerous and insisted that both the church and the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) have not done enough in order to uplift these youths in slums and teach them values of life like patience. According to President Museveni, “ Impatience is the lack of hoping to work for a long period. Imagine meeting some youths from the youth and they told me they want “Kagwirawo” (Quick Money). Therefore I said to them that they are very dangerous. The church people are not reaching out to the people in the ghetto and the NRM people too are not doing so. That is why they have this orientation of wanting quick benefits.” The President made this statement on Thursday during the 22nd prayer breakfast meeting at the state house in Entebbe.

Photo of President Museveni during the 22nd prayer breakfast on Thursday at the state house in Entebbe

In his speech during the Independence Day Anniversary today Friday 9, 2020, President Museveni again condemned the youth for wanting “Kwagirawo”. The commercial banks we have are like our Kampala youths who want ekigwirawo (instant profits),” Mr. Museveni said before adding that government plans to set up a specialized agricultural bank that will be able to give affordable capital to Ugandan farmers. Mr. Museveni who has been in power since 1986 and the only president most youths have known, said quick benefits are a disaster yet life calls for persistence and patience. “Kagwirawo” is a slang in the local dialect, Luganda, used to mean instant payment or benefit.

The president also urged Ugandans to desist from doing evil things as the wages of sin is death. According to him, “When I was seeing the bad things that were happening in the NRM primaries, I was wondering if these people know that there is God. They seem to think that these things will end here; that if you cheat, alter results, announce different ones, it is really amazing how people are bad planners. From practical life I confirm two things; one is avoid evil and secondly know that God is there. There are those who try to say there is science and God and at the same time lie. Science is God’s work. We are simply discovering…, if you avoid evil you get blessed even if you are in a very difficult situation…

The wages of sin is death and the wages of righteousness is blessings. I have experienced this in real life. When Pontius Pilate ordered for the crucifixion of Jesus, it was because people were shouting. I am not Pontius Pilate, I cannot condone a wrong just because people are shouting, first of all I am not working for you but for someone else; a much higher authority. “Meanwhile as coronavirus continues to ravage the country, the president urged Ugandans to be more cautious. The First Lady Janet Museveni prayed for safe reopening of schools despite the Standard Operating Procedures put in place.

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