The Northern People’s Democratic Party New Media Strategists, (NPDPNMS), says the Federation account allocation of 0.5% allocation of all revenues to the Police Trust Fund is illegal and unconstitutional, the group has studied the police Trust Fund establishment act and has found that there is a fundamental breach of the 1999 constitution as Amended.

Wakeupafrica360 Nigeria correspondent has it on reliable source that, The 1999 Nigeria Constitution clearly stipulated how the Federation Account allocation should be shared amongst the the 3 Federating Units, without any anticipation whatsoever that a certain deduction will be made for any body created by the National Assembly.

The National Assembly will have to go the whole hog of a constitutional amendment if it were to succeed in getting the Federation allocation deductions 0.5% done for the Police Trust Fund as currently passed by the Police Trust fund establishment act.

The Federal Government should rather than shy away from it’s exclusive responsibility of funding the police take up its responsibility fully with support from the states to the state commands.

Currently some of the state Governments are overwhelmed by challenges of Salaries, infrastructure and critical needs, any deductions will further jeopardize the solvency of most states.

NPDPNMS concedes that the police needs an improved funding to enhance its performance, but funding the police from an illegal, unconstitutional sources will only jeopardize it further.

We therefore urge the Federal Government to own up to its duty and not to shift burden to states and LGAs.

Muhammad Abdullah (MS

National PRO, NPDPNMS.

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