#LekkiMassacre: UK Parliament Reacts To Killing Of #ENDSARS Protesters

Photo Of The UK Parliament In Session

News reaching Wakeupafrica360 has it that the United Kingdom and the UK Parliament has condemned the attack on peaceful #ENDSARS protesters at Lekki toll gate in Lagos, Nigeria. Earlier before this condemnation, it should be known that soldiers of the Nigerian Army invaded a peaceful protest at Lekki toll gate on Tuesday evening killing more than eight #ENDSARS protesters in the process. Reacting to the attack on the peaceful protesters in Lagos on Wednesday, one member of the UK Parliament expressed his shock at the killing of peaceful protesters in Lagos on Tuesday night. The member of the UK Parliament added that the killings of the #ENDSARS protesters must be addressed as soon as possible putting in mind the strong relationship the United Kingsom has with Nigeria. According to him, “I just want to mention briefly the shocking scenes of brutality and violence we’ve seen at the Lekki toll plaza and obviously I hope that the minister can perhaps share with us the government’s response to those shocking scenes. Not least because of the strong relationship that we have with Nigeria, including with the military and security forces there. Amnesty International has said there is credible evidence of excessive use of force leading to the deaths of protesters. It’s been condemned by the former US Secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. ”On other news making the rounds at this hour, the United Nations has reacted to a request by Nigerian Musician, Burna Boy to intervene in what is happening in Nigeria. The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Amina J. Mohammed has given a positive response to the singer’s request to the UN over the massive killings of citizens of Nigeria by the military. The singer called on the UN to support Nigerians following the killings of unarmed men and women who went

protesting for a better government free from corruption, godfather-politics, police brutality among other things that threaten the safety of the citizens.
He was met with a positive response from the Deputy Secretary-General, Amina J. Mohammed as according to her, the tension in Nigeria has been noticed by the organization and is currently calling for an end to the violation of human rights in Nigeria. She added that herself together with the UN is stressing on the importance of respect for peaceful protest and also maximum restraint to be exercised by the security forces.

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