Nigerians On Twitter React As Adamu Garba Sues Twitter Cofounder, Jack, $1 billion Over His Support To The #ENDSARS Protest

Photo of Adamu Garba And Twitter CEO, Jack

Based on reports reaching Wakeupafrica360 from our correspondent, it was a known fact that last week, twitter CEO, Jack, lent his voice to the struggle by tweeting #ENDSARS and thereafter, verified four front liners of the campaign and equally called for donations to help the campaign. This was met with happiness in the eyes of many Nigerians as such action proved that productive but to many other Nigerians like Adamu Garba, it was a very displeasing gesture. He, Adamu Garba therefore on that same day, threatened to drag the Twitter CEO to court for supporting the protest noting the fact that the #ENDSARS has been hijacked as it is now a political movement. On Tuesday October 19, Adamu Garba how was a former presidential aspirant under the APC released documents showing that he has sued the Twitter CEO demanding a fine of $1 billion in favor of the federal republic of Nigeria, as a compensation for loss of lives, properties and conveniences due to his active support for funding the #ENDSARS after the issues made known by the protesters were being attended to by the government. Following this development, a storm of reactions by Nigerians has greeted the decision made by Adamu Garba to sue Jack Dorsey of Twitter over the #ENDSARS protest. Below are some of the reactions:

A twitter user @King Koko has this to say,” the Nigerian government is waging war on us on all front. Adam Garba is in court asking Jack for 1 billion USD. Governors are imposing curfews. Thugs are getting paid to disrupt protests. All because we asked our own government to stop killing us.” Another user by name @Sonjoe_Kukuh has this to say,” so this Adamu thinks Jack raising money to provide food, water, tents, raincoats, legal services etc. for protesters is an offense?”
@ObongRoviel has this,” Twitter shows what AIT, NTA and Channels won’t show, that is why Adamu is wanking on Jack’s mention.”

Photo Of The Court Order By Adamu Garba On Jack Dorsey Over #ENDSARS protest

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