e Will Have BBI Baby! Lady Leaves President Uhuru In Stitches After Proposing To Him

President Uhuru Kenyatta, Vice President, Ruto And ODM Leader andRaila Odinga At Bomas

The atmosphere in Bomas was lightened up a bit after the representative for the deaf community Ashura Michael proposed to the President, Uhuru Kenyatta. Using the local language, Ashura jokingly said: “Mheshimiwa Rais recently you went to Kisumu na nikasikia ulikuwa unatafuta mpango wa kando. Najua mama alikubali babangu Raila ako hapa tayari kuchukua mahari na ndugu yangu deputy president akikubali atakuwa bestman. ..Na mama wa taifa tutaendelea kubuild bridges pamoja. Na sasa mtoto wa BBI atazaliwa.” This can be translated as follows:  “Mr. President I heard you were looking for a second wife. I know the First Lady has agreed to that and since Raila is here, he can take my bride price and the Deputy President William Ruto can be your best man if he agrees. Me and the First Lady will continue ‘Building Bridges’ and the BBI baby will be born).” Ashura’s statement left the crowd roaring with laughter with President Uhuru turning to the ODM leader, Raila Odinga and clapping excitedly. There is definitely a connection between her statement and last week’s remarks by the President over his search for a wife during his Kisumu your. According to President Uhuru’s speech, “Nilikuwa naambia Raila hapa jameni… Sijui kama mama nyumbani ataniruhusu… Akiniruhusu labda naweza kupata mtu ambaye atakuwa ananitengenezea mambo yangu pande hit. Ndio tuwe tukitembea ukijua kuna mahali utakuwa unakula ugali ama namna gani.” This loosely translates to: “I was telling (ODM leader) Raila Odinga: I don’t know whether my wife will allow me to get another woman to look after my interests on this side. So that we walk knowing there’s a place we can be going to eat ugali.

President Of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta

Speaking through a sign interpreter, Ashura encouraged Kenyans to read the document and not wait to listen to what others will say. She also praised the document as a promoter of unity, progress and absolution to many of the problems faced with persons with disabilities. 17 counties don’t have representatives of persons with disabilities but I’m sure with the BBI we are going to be represented in all the counties,” said the law student. “BBI is not about former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and President Uhuru, BBI is about me and you. It’s to provide diversity in our nation,” said Ashura. Amidst serious talk and praise for the BBI, Ashura even without her own spoken words was able to bring new life to the crowd at Bomas while championing for the rights of those disabled.

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