Secessionists groups hijacked the #ENDSARSNOW protest, FG

The undeniable evidence on social media shows the government security agencies using thugs and criminals to disrupt peaceful protests!

The Nigerian government has blamed secessionists groups in the country for hijacking the protests. The government blamed IPOB and other groups for the destruction of both governments and private properties in the country following the shooting of protesters at Lekki, which is referred to as “Lekki tollgate plaza massacre.”

Prior to the government sending in soldiers to shoot protesters at the Lekki tollgate plaza, the protests across the country were mostly peaceful with no reports of violence or looting across the country . However, soon after the soldiers involvement and shooting of protesters, video’s of the dead and injured shared live on social media, the protest at that juncture took a bad turn, People started chasing the police and any law enforcement agencies they came across. Most Nigerians and indeed people around the world were outraged at the heavy handedness with which the current administration descended on citizens which was not justifiable. It has been alleged that Since the emergence of the current administration in Nigeria, it quickly adopted the position of blaming other people, including their opposition party for anything that went wrong and never for once had the present government accepted responsibility on any issues including those initiated by them!

Lekki tollgate plaza massacre
Nigerian security agencies using thugs to disrupt peaceful protests. Using government unmarked vehicles to convey criminals!

Most Nigerians have condemned the government and suggested to the government to at least learn how to take some responsibility whenever they are caught pants down. Many are asking the government, whether the secessionists groups sent in the soldiers to kill innocent citizens for protesting or the IPOB that constituted the SARS that is killing Nigerian citizens for owning expensive phones, did the secessionists groups partake in making the policies that have subjected ordinary citizens to high level of poverty and unemployment, with over 80% of citizens living below poverty line. The general consensus of public opinion is that the government lacks direction of any sort to govern the country, hence the call for the president to resign. It appears that the government just wants the problems to go away without doing anything about it. Again it could be reasonable to suggest that this government have lost every credibility and trust by the people, the government has lied to the people too many times, that the citizens no longer have any trust and confidence in whatever the government says.

Government agencies using thugs to attack and disrupt protests!

Nigerians are also concerned that their president does not speak to them, those that wakeupafrica360 spoke to were even worried if their president is still alive, when asked the reason for such fear, their response was that they have not hard the president do a live chat with the citizens or even the media and that all his addresses are all pre-recorded. The president never addressed any developing live events since 2017. Nigerian no longer trust the government neither do they have any confidence in the ability of the president to do anything for the masses and for the betterment of the country.

Giving that that there are undeniable facts and evidences of government agencies involvement to disrupt the peaceful protests, using thugs and criminals as seen on video making rounds on the internet and social media. It is therefore no sense in the alleged allegations on the part of government blaming the innocent for actions that the government was guilty about. How could government have used thugs and criminals then turn around to point accusing fingers on other people. One may be lead to believe that the reason this government is pushing for censorship of the social media is simply because the government is afraid of the embarrassment it’s getting because of the way people expose the government in an uncensored manner. They government would prefer mainstream media that it can regulate threaten or shut down when it deems fit. The point of this government blaming others is laughable, unfounded and baseless. They should simply accept that they acted so childishly and have wasted Nigerian lives as a result and they must also be held accountable to pay serious compensations to victims families and the military officers involved must be sacked and they must face public trial and prosecuted accordingly. Without a precedent set as standards this administration would continue to act with impunity without cause.

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