Pastor Adeboye call for 30 days fasting and prayers for Nigeria is not necessary!

Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Sorry daddy GO but the call for 30 days fasting and pray is really not necessary at this point. What is now expedient is for the “men of God”to stop deceiving Nigerians, the young people are already doing the right thing, by taking proactive actions in order to salvage a decaying country for the purpose of their future. These problems have been in existence for over four decades, so if these fasting and prayers have not solved a over 40 year old problems then it means that prayer is not what is needed and so the youths are trying an alternative method, So prayer is not at this point necessary. Whilst the pastors were in the comfort of their mansions and private jets, the young people arose from their sleeping slumber, took the bull by the horn and many has so far paid the ultimate price. You pastors is can carry on with the prayers, but allow the young people to do what is necessary, just like young people like them around the world have done the same in years past to liberate their countries and to restore sanity to enable them fulfil their dreams.

Pastor Myles Munroe

For very many years the religious leaders with these types of messages they preach from their pulpits lead a whole generation of Nigerian youths into believing that the solution to their problems are spiritual and that to solve those said problems they need to pray. This has led most to believe that when faced with difficulties in life all they need to do is to go into fasting and praying in an effort to solve their problems which has put the country in a reverse gear for decades. Nigeria just celebrated her @60 years of independence and the pastors and their members have been praying for that long, which obviously have not helped in any form or shape to give Nigerians a better life in almost 60 years, neither has the prayers offered Nigerians a better country, better infrastructure or the security of lives and property which is everything in any society

Now that a few Nigerians have realised that they need to take action to solve a generation old problems, the pastors have come out again to call for a 30 day fasting and praying which will not in any shape or form help the situation on ground. The only thing this fasting and praying will do is to add more money to the churches bank balance, because to break the fasting people would be asked to give offerings and tithing and they may also be persuaded to sow seeds to challenge God in their situations. All these are part of the problems that have shaped a generation that doesn’t ask critical questions and a generation that doesn’t see God in their ability to think using their problem solving abilities but by praying and expecting miracles out of nothing. It must be said that the tide is turned and that old ways that never changed anything is no longer good enough!

This is not in anyway to deny the existence of God or his involvement within the affairs of humanity, this is far from it, rather this is to reawaken Nigerians and Africans that they may realise that God gave them brains which they need to develop and use for problem solving and in doing that God is glorified because after all it is God’s creation and he expected humanity to maximise the use of the brain which is actually under utilised within the continent of Africa, hence there are less developed within the continent.

Most Africans have not been thought to ask critical questions, to ask critical questions and demand for evidence of their pastors and elders. They are thought to believe without questioning, for if you dare ask you get a backlash and some people will say to you like “You want to show you are the only wise or intelligent person around because you asked questions and that is personified within the church environment with these believe that whatever the so called Men of God say is not to be questioned and that is then translated to other works of life and this has a very strong detrimental effect on the society T large.

Let’s take a look at this scenario, when the pastors needs money for a project, to buy a car or to travel, they will ask the congregation to make donations towards that and in so doing his or her needs are meet. But when a church member needs the same help the pastors would ask them to pray and seek the face of God. The pastors would ask you to believe in divine protection but they will use the congregational donations, offerings and tithing to pay for his security and that of his family, the members do not see anything wrong may be because they have been lead to believe that the pastors are Gods representatives and they have those entitlements but the members doesn’t. Some members are praying to be multi millionaires even though they have no jobs or businesses from which to realise their dreams.

Summarily, it’s worth stating that the human brain is a gift from God and one of its major functions is to solve problems and has been under utilised in Nigeria and other African countries too. Praying for what is worth praying for but not to be praying when you are supposed to be thinking and taking action is very important. In this case there is no need to be praying for Nigeria as called by the General over seer of RCCG

Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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