The alleged Lekki tollgate plaza massacre

This videos according to the Nigerian government is “fake news” but has cnn joined fake news paddlers?

According to the Nigerian government, the alleged Lekki tollgate plaza massacre is fake news and further evidence of the need to regulate the use of social media in Nigeria 🇳🇬. The information minister Lai mohammed has sighted China 🇨🇳 as a model that Nigeria should follow in his emphasis of the urgent need to regulate social media space


However, most Nigerians, especially the young people are of the view that the reason the old guards in government are demanding for social media regulations whatever that means to them is simply because the youths of the country have found their voices in social media.

So in an attempt to silence them the current government is doing all that it can to silence that voice that have been silenced for decades

This video will surely vilify the Nigerian government and exonerate the young people of Nigeria and the world will know the truth of what happened at Lekki tollgate plaza.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media in Nigeria are still under the control of the government as such are in effect the mouthpiece of the government. It could be reasonable to suggest that if Nigeria as a country survives this events, then the country will never be the same and not business as usual for the old guards currently in government

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