Human Life Has No Price, Bobi Wine Tells Museveni

Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine (centre), in a verbal exchange with security personnel who tried to block him at Kawolo on his way to Buikwe District yesterday.

President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni had it all hot after he promised to compensate those who lost their lives during the protests. After the statement, presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine replied the president noting that it is meaningless compensating the dead because there is no price that can pay for human life. According to Bobi Wine, “President Museveni thinks he will continue to kill people and promise to compensate their families, which he normally doesn’t do in the end. Let me ask you, which price can you be given after your 16-year old son or daughter had been killed? There is no price for life and President Museveni should know that”. He made this known to voters at his first campaign meeting in Nakifuma Village, Mukono District on Novembr 30, 2020. Also, he called for an independent investigation into the killing noting the fact that the police and army that carried out the killings do not have moral authority to investigate their own. Recall that on Sunday night during a televised speech, President Museveni said that people who were killed during the protests after Mr. Kyagulanyi’s arrest on Nov 18 will be compensated although the government will only compensate for the lives of people who were shot but were not directly involved in the protests.

Upon the arrest of Mr. Kyagulanyi by police in Luuka District on November 18, there erupted public protests in Kampala and other towns, which claimed lives of 54 people, majority of whom were shot dead by security forces.

According to Bobi Wine, “President Museveni got guns and went to Luweero District and over half a million people were killed, and he promised to compensate them. Has he ever fulfilled that pledge? We should not be gullible and follow his lies. At least he has already testified that he sent the military to kill innocent Ugandans, the international courts, which we are petitioning, have enough evidence, ” Yesterday, chaos rocked Mr Kyagulanyi’s campaign trail on Jinja Road in Lugazi Municipality where police fired teargas for more than 40 minutes to disperse the crowds that were following the musician-turned politician. Several people were injured. At his second rally in Kasoga Village, Buikwe District, Mr Kyagulanyi castigated Opposition politicians who have failed to unite, saying the electorate have already made their decision. According to Bobi Wine, “It is unfortunate that leaders in the Opposition have not yet come together and people are already ahead of us. We have taken the direction towards people, the others can follow suit but they will find us somewhere,” he said.

President Of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni
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